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  1. LindaBright

    Want to get into correctional nursing

    I think its natural for your loved ones to feel protective over you, we tend to only get the horror stories of correctional nurses' days, not the mundane experiences. But, like with anything, you should follow your heart and move on. From what I understand, correctional nurse positions aren't typically "entry level," but, there is also a shortage. Good luck!
  2. LindaBright

    Seeing the big picture

    Just like with any new job, there is a period of acclimating yourself to the tasks as well as being able to understand the whole picture. Think of it like muscle memory, that once you've done it enough, you'll just have the process down with very little thinking. Time is a huge factor, and you should have resources to go to when you're feeling overwhelmed and out of place.
  3. LindaBright

    Antagonizing patients--just a vent

    If that was a child being treated like that, would that be grounds for reporting the behavior? Just because the individual is an adult, that does not mean he or she has any less rights to be treated like a human. There are stories all the time about abuses in nursing homes, home health, especially with our senior citizens. Someone has to take a stand; nobody needs to be treated like that.
  4. LindaBright

    DNP....Is it worth it for me????

    I can't add a whole lot to what everyone else has said, except to ask you whether in 10 years, if you don't go for the DNP, will you look back and really regret missing your chance? People make careers work around their kids all the time, and, kids eventually leave the nest or at least become more self-sufficient before that happens. Devoting yourself to your family is great, just don't lose yourself in the mix.
  5. LindaBright

    A Tribute to Nurses Through Time

    Joshie, you are correct and I can understand the frustration that comes from being pigeonholed for your gender in a profession that has been marketed as "female" for what seems like forever. All nurses, despite gender definition, are celebrated this week. Great video and great point 🙂
  6. LindaBright

    Invisible illnesses...

    An earlier poster said it best, that people really try to minimize problems that aren't their own, especially if they are "invisible," like you said. I can't imagine how you keep up the determination and motivation you have as a nurse, but, I think its really commendable that you do. If nothing else, some of us "invisible" supporters understand and sympathize!
  7. LindaBright

    Is Nursing Still an Attractive Career Choice?

    There has been so much talk about the nursing shortage and a need for the different types of nurses, that a lot of people are under the impression that nursing jobs are just handed out like candy. That's so not the case - we are medical professionals, and hospitals or other medical establishments should be held to a standard that is displayed in their nursing force. Nursing is a career like any others, its competitive, its a skilled trade, and despite getting through nursing school (which is so hard!), not all people are the best fit for a nursing position. On the other hand, with so many nursing school students graduating, the larger metropolitan areas are swamped with applicants, while rural areas are scrambling. Getting creative and maintaining determination in finding a job will pay off in the end.
  8. LindaBright

    Getting Back in the Saddle Again

    I think its great that you not only took the time away for your own needs (and, wow, what an experience, I'm so sorry!) but that you are coming back to nursing. We all need great nurses, and it seems like you not only have the education and experience, but the insight needed to make a huge difference in the world. Best of luck to you!
  9. LindaBright

    Seven down, two to go.

    Congratulations! Its always such an amazing feeling when you know you're almost out of the muck, and ready to start the next leg of the journey, so to speak. No matter how long it takes, or the obstacles, it looks like you've just been pushing ahead, which is a great definition of your own character, and the type of nurse you're going to be. Good luck! Love the quote reference, too :)
  10. LindaBright

    Nurse Advocates: Past, Present, and Future

    I think the various roles of advocacy in nursing are fascinating - from patients to healthcare concerns and beyond. We are not only great advocates for our patients, but, also, for ourselves and the entire profession of nursing. That's pretty awesome :)
  11. LindaBright

    Male Nurses on the Rise and They Make More Money

    I read an article about this recently, and while there are gender factors indicated, I think that all in all, male nurses are on par with female nurses. As previous posters have said, there are other considerations like location, ability to work longer hours (in many cases), and the jobs themselves.
  12. LindaBright

    How does a new grad RN get experience

    You just have to keep trying, and get creative. Looking into areas of your state or region that are experiencing difficulties recruiting new graduates is a place to start - and those jobs ARE there. The shortage doesn't mean that hospitals are handing out jobs, it means that there is a high need for nurses, but because of financial and other restrictions, the available jobs (especially in highly populated areas) are extremely competitive. Seek out smaller hospitals and clinics, network and don't give up.
  13. LindaBright

    Stephen Colbert recognizes nurses as Heroes

    I was amazed at the way this story was covered across the different networks, but we all know that we can and will do what it takes to treat our patients. I'm proud to be a nurse, and so grateful to Steven for his shout out!!
  14. LindaBright

    Be nice to new nurses!

    Even experienced nurses have a lot to learn from the new nurses that begin their careers. I'm really glad you posted this, its a nice reminder to all of us, no matter our level of experience, to look for knowledge and wisdom in each other... and to respect each others' skills and experience.
  15. LindaBright

    First Year Almost Over, No Magical "Ah ha" Moment Yet

    You just have to keep pushing forward and doing your best. Its hard to not second-guess yourself and be confident in nursing, when it seems like everyone knows what they're doing, except you. As an experienced nurse, however, I can tell you that not a day goes by when I don't have a nagging doubt about something I've had to do that day (or night). We are not infallible, but we get the job done.
  16. LindaBright

    My New-Found Love For Nursing

    Congratulations! Sometimes finding your passion takes time, and self-reflection, but its always there. L&D Nurses do such amazing work, too! Best of luck to you!