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  1. LindaBright

    Want to get into correctional nursing

    I think its natural for your loved ones to feel protective over you, we tend to only get the horror stories of correctional nurses' days, not the mundane experiences. But, like with anything, you should follow your heart and move on. From what I unde...
  2. LindaBright

    Seeing the big picture

    Just like with any new job, there is a period of acclimating yourself to the tasks as well as being able to understand the whole picture. Think of it like muscle memory, that once you've done it enough, you'll just have the process down with very lit...
  3. LindaBright

    Antagonizing patients--just a vent

    If that was a child being treated like that, would that be grounds for reporting the behavior? Just because the individual is an adult, that does not mean he or she has any less rights to be treated like a human. There are stories all the time about ...
  4. LindaBright

    DNP....Is it worth it for me????

    I can't add a whole lot to what everyone else has said, except to ask you whether in 10 years, if you don't go for the DNP, will you look back and really regret missing your chance? People make careers work around their kids all the time, and, kids e...
  5. There are so many misconceptions about nursing out there. Whether its the difference in education, the different roles or even that nurses' jobs aren't strictly limited to pillow fluffing (yes, someone said that to me), people in general just don't t...
  6. LindaBright

    Gaining weight

    It's definitely common, and hard to reconcile since we're supposed to be advocates of health (in a sense). But, don't beat yourself up over it. The same advice applies to you as any other person that may be stressed out and gaining weight - take care...
  7. LindaBright

    Acceptance letter into the nursing program

    Congratulations! There is no better feeling than being validated like that, able to pursue your dreams and feeling like others know you've got what it takes to succeed. Enjoy your moment and your acceptance letter, then get ready for an incredible ad...
  8. LindaBright

    How We Can Make the Difference

    What an insightful post :) I think that in times of need, even "just medical" there is a significant part of the emotional experience that is overlooked due to intimidation, lack of time, or the lack of personal connection that we sometimes have to h...
  9. This is an amazing list of tips for finding a job in nursing! I know it can be tough out there, and the best advice I've given is to just stay positive and motivated when looking for a job, and to get creative... and to network... but, you really spe...
  10. LindaBright

    The Society of Nursing

    What a great article and such an inspiration to those coming in behind you, and for us who have been there. You have come very far, and you will go so much further, especially with your hope and excitement about the future! Thank you for sharing, its...
  11. LindaBright

    Me time. Do not enter!

    Oh, yes, been there. Still look forward to those moments, and I could probably use one right about now, come to think of it. We really don't take care of ourselves enough.
  12. LindaBright

    I think I might be a scary nurse

    There's nothing wrong with being confident. I'm sure patients would prefer that you are confident, and that's probably most important, anyway. Confidence comes in many forms, too, like the confidence to make sure a treatment procedure is right before...
  13. LindaBright

    Ack! I'm being published!

    That is amazing news! Congratulations on contributing to greatly to our profession, now go and celebrate!
  14. LindaBright

    Annoyed! Where is the love?!

    You could have said you were going to pilot school and they would have asked why not astronaut school. People are just insensitive sometimes, which, as a nurse (no matter which kind!), you're going to have to get used to, sadly! But, congratulations ...
  15. LindaBright

    A Tribute to Nurses Through Time

    Joshie, you are correct and I can understand the frustration that comes from being pigeonholed for your gender in a profession that has been marketed as "female" for what seems like forever. All nurses, despite gender definition, are celebrated this ...