How do you brighten your patients day?

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    Nurses do amazing and creative things to make their patient's day brighter.

    My daughter was greeted with this wonderful artwork last week when she went in for a well visit It sure made her feel special! Kudos to creative nurses!

    Please share your stories or cool things you have seen other nurses do to put a smile on a patients face
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    I work in PICU and a very generous donor has provided us with hundreds of books to give our patients as gifts.

    Every time I give a book away, I tell the patient that they were selected to receive the book because they were elected "Outstanding Patient of the Day" by the PICU nurses.
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    meanmaryjean, that is awesome! Great Job! I bet they feel special hearing that from their nurse
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    I'll take the flowers & balloons left at the nurse's station by discharged patients and re-gift them to patients who need some cheering up. They're usually so surprised!
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    I turn the light above their bed on.
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    I turn the light above their bed on.
    Hahahahaha!!!! I needed that lol today!
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    - I buy sodas. Give them their Diet Coke, cigarettes and 'dip- dip'...and they're happy.
    - I buy certain residents food during my lunch breaks. Healthy things like Subway, McDonald's Snack Wraps, etc...
    I'd buy for everyone but then they'd all have 'expectations'. It's bad enough that they 'shake me down' for soda money every time I come to work.
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    I think I would have way too much time preparing something like that! Lol I love it!
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    just by being my cheery, natural/"pharmaceutically" enhanced" self!
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    Just a patient, but I had a nurse who knew I was feeling down, I woke up and found on my tray table a “Get Well” card, every nurse on the unit signed it, each wrote something nice or funny in the card, and it did cheer me up!! My nurse told me I figured since you like nurses so much that you would get a kick out of it. I thought it was nice of them to take time to write in the card. It was something small but meant so much to me.
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