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Habits you picked up from work... - page 2

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    Quote from smurph1
    Whenever anyone comes around me, unbeknownst to them, they've just received a head to toe assessment!
    I do this too! I also STARE at veins. On family or strangers in the grocery lineup, if you've got one visible, it's ALL I CAN DO to not reach over and palpate that baby!
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    Not a habit, but do we all have a "nurse" sign on our foreheads? Why do complete strangers approach us talking about their medical problems or asking 'What's good for...?'.
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    Don't we all critique the medical senarios on tv shows or in the movies? (Why is everyone always yelling "STAT!"? Why is the ETT never taped? Why aren't the sidrails up?) I drive my family up the walls with that!
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    Hitting F4 to log myself out of my computer at home.
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    Checking out veins of strangers...yup! And I can't watch medical shows anymore...too much critiquing of the errors they make!
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    I sometimes make my bed with mitered corners......That's it so far...
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    Thinking most of the people I see out in WalMart are fall risks and grading them as to that risk. Tensing up when I see someone start to cough because I expect them to aim straight at me and I will have to jump back. Letting the phone at home ring and ring without answering it...just because I can.
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    I find myself eyeballing people's veins... especially the big muscular guys. I want to put at #16 right in those juicy arms.
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    If I need a couple of asprin, I don't just grab a couple out of the bottle.
    I have to hold up the bottle and make sure I read the label to double check.
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    My two big habits are ...

    1. Signing RN after my name on checks and restaurant receipts.
    2. Waking up from a sound sleep and while I'm still half-asleep I'm asking my GF who is covering my patients or if I gave handoff report.

    Obviously I tend to do the RN signature thing more often but I've woken up in a panic more than once thinking that I am still in the hospital.

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    Using my "med surg strut " when I'm off duty-my poor husband is always telling me to slow down,we are not running to a code at the grocery store. And lists-I was never so organized until I became an LPN.I am so used to writing out my lists at work that I can't get any thing accomplished at home without writing a list and crossing off each task as I go.
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    I opened a new bottle of ibuprofen at home yesterday and without even thinking I grabbed a Sharpie and wrote the date opened on it!
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    After constantly being on call I wake up at 3am to see if I have any missed calls from work on my cell phone.

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