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    Whenever anyone comes around me, unbeknownst to them, they've just received a head to toe assessment!

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    Signing my checks with "RN" after my name.
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    I work on a locked unit so I catch myself reaching for keys as I open doors in my own house!

    I have done the check/credit card "RN" thing (I bet we all have! I mean you only sign your name that way a billion times in just one shift! How could it not become automatic?)

    And the kids know... they are prepared... that when they ask me, "Mom, what is diabetes?" or (thanks to TV commercials) "Mom, what's a catheter. What are they talking about?"... they know to grab a pillow and get comfy because it's Teachin' Time. I can't help it, though! I'm crazy like that!

    One last thing, I do hospital corners on my own bed.
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    Quote from smurph1
    Whenever anyone comes around me, unbeknownst to them, they've just received a head to toe assessment!
    I do this too! I also STARE at veins. On family or strangers in the grocery lineup, if you've got one visible, it's ALL I CAN DO to not reach over and palpate that baby!
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    Not a habit, but do we all have a "nurse" sign on our foreheads? Why do complete strangers approach us talking about their medical problems or asking 'What's good for...?'.
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    Don't we all critique the medical senarios on tv shows or in the movies? (Why is everyone always yelling "STAT!"? Why is the ETT never taped? Why aren't the sidrails up?) I drive my family up the walls with that!
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    Hitting F4 to log myself out of my computer at home.
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    Checking out veins of strangers...yup! And I can't watch medical shows anymore...too much critiquing of the errors they make!
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    I sometimes make my bed with mitered corners......That's it so far...
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    Thinking most of the people I see out in WalMart are fall risks and grading them as to that risk. Tensing up when I see someone start to cough because I expect them to aim straight at me and I will have to jump back. Letting the phone at home ring and ring without answering it...just because I can.

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