Great salary but sometimes I wonder...

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    I dare say that nurses do make a good salary but sometimes I wonder. What do you think? What's wrong with this picture? Please share your thoughts with us...

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    Wow that's interesting!
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    I'll get my reward in heaven. Actually I pretty much have it right now. Wonderful husband, son, DIL, grand daughter. Wonderful neighbors who are dear friends, and nice/caring people to work with. There is always a trade off. I'll keep my life.
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    Meh. I daresay the professional athlete is more deserving of his millions than your average hospital CEO.
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    Bah. The nurse's caption should continue...:"BUT I spend my hard earned money paying to watch you do your job and paying for products that advertise while your job is being broadcast...and there is that thing where EVERYTHING you do, good or bad, is broadcast on live television...and as soon as someone younger than you can do your job better you are let go immediately..."

    I'll take my job, thankyouverymuch.
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    It's not just that pro athletes are overpaid, which in my opinion they are...but that health care workers are so underpaid. It is a sad state that a CNA that cares for vulnerable elderly can make almost as much working in fast food. Licensed staff, nurses that are well educated, well trained and literally responsible for the lives in their care are paid less than many office jobs. To continue the rant...lets stick up for the teachers too, ridiculously underpaid for the responsibility of educating new nurses! Nursing schools are requiring a minimum of a masters degree to teach [which they should], but instructors can be paid so more much in other areas of nursing with a masters or higher degree that it is difficult to attract qualified instructors.
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    We've become a third world country where a few elite make millions more than anyone needs to live and the rest survive on peanuts! There is no reason anyone is worth millions of dollars and others have to get by on minimum wage! Everyone should have at least a living wage and minimum wage is not a living wage in my opinion. That said nurses are underpaid but in this economic system we have to be happy we have a living wage!

    Also if anyone deserves good pay it is the doctors who spend so many years in school and residency and end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans!
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    The pro athletes have short careers. Unless you are a star and never get injured, your career is over in a few years. Nurses tend to last longer.
    Since they are known to make big money, the athletes attract the notice of every sort of human parasite who want to get some of their money. Nurses tend to fly under that radar.
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    even pro athletes have unions that dictate the league minimal salary for each sport...
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    I wouldn't call our hard earned money "great" that's for six figures and up. Since I have to bleed for it. I make a good salary.

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