Every mom, dad, sis, uncle believes they know better than the nurse...

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    Every now and then we get someone who thinks they know better than us. They read it on the Internet so they know what is best. They seen it on TV so they know what is best. Has this happened to you? How did you handle it? Please share your stories and tips below.

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    If I had a dime for every family member who thought this, I could retire!

    It's really rather sad, I've always thought, when you get some know-it-all family member with an iPad who thinks their 20 minutes of googling somehow trumps your education, CEUs and experience in your field.

    Oh, an they probably also want your input on their 5 or 6 self-diagnosed (of course) little problems. But God forbid you suggest they might be wise in seeking actual medical counsel for their issues, because the second you head in that direction, then *poof*! And you're just the stupid nurse again.

    **** you, WebMD!!!!!
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    These types of people are especially *pleasant* to deal with in psych. Usually the answer from them is "keep them locked up" even though the patient had made tremendous progress and is ready to transition to a lower level of care.

    Sometimes I think they'd want us to keep them inpatient forever so they never have to deal with it themselves
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    Background: the patient is on dialysis after years of diabetes. Picture at least ten family members at bedside.

    One family member (who knows the relation...sister, maybe? aunt?) says: "Well, I have the 'betes, too! But I don't need that dialysis because I keep glazed donuts in the ice box & I don't have sex."

    Well then. Now we know the secret.
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    I was once taking care of a dying child (progressive brain tumor) who was on everything under the sun to keep him comfortable... continuous morphine, ativan, etc. Well as he got closer to the end he (naturally) started having increased respiratory difficulty. Grandma goes home and googles "ativan" and then starts telling everyone "we need to stop the ativan, it's causing his breathing problems". After her saying this over and over, the kid's father finally looked at Grandma and said "IT'S NOT THE ATIVAN, IT'S THE TUMOR".
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    Well, in MY family, it's probably true...father was an MD, mother an RN, sister is an RN, brother double PhD, me RN.
    We hardly ever say anything to the nursing staff unless they are about to do something really wrong....like give HCTZ to someone whose blood pressure is 80/40 or give a Percocet to someone with an allergy to acetaminophen.
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    My reply: "O.K. - towels & adult briefs are over there, and holler if you want a hand with the trach suctioning. Don't forget to wash your hands!"

    Yeah, I'd never really DO that - thought it a few times, though.

    ----- Dave
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    Oh, my bad. I thought I was on duty at the "hospital". I didn't realize I opened the door to your home. If he starts to turn blue, dial 911. I've got to go to work. See ya there!
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    Mom demanding to know why her wittle girls BP was "ungodly" high

    "Ma'am it is actually 128/84, it is quite good"

    "Its usually 120/80 WHY IS IT SO HIGH!!!"

    ****This is gonna be a long night....
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    Quote from IEDave
    My reply: "O.K. - towels & adult briefs are over there, and holler if you want a hand with the trach suctioning. Don't forget to wash your hands!"

    Yeah, I'd never really DO that - thought it a few times, though.

    ----- Dave
    I do put them to work. If you want to be involved & informed, great! Roll up your sleeves & pitch in. I do things like having them help me change the sheets while the patient is in the shower.

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