Enjoying my day off. Are you?

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    It's not happening. Don't you just hate it when you make plans to do something on your day off and something always happens?!! When was the last time you made plans and couldn't follow through?

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    Laundry? What is this....L-Lawwwn-dree you speak of?
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    If not laundry then dishes, if not dishes then grocery shopping, if not grocery shopping..... you get the idea. Is there really such a thing as a day off??
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    I agree. On my days off I'm always playing "catch up" with chores that need done....I wish I could just sit back and relax and read a book, or do something else enjoyable
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    I just started working at my very first nursing job a little under 2 months ago and I happen to be moving to another place this week. I wish I knew what an actual day off feels like right now.
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    Well I spent my day off yesterday scrubbing the furniture on my front porch, bleaching the concrete, scrubbing the large birdbath, then re-painting it. Then of course a bird pooped all over it again today! I need a handyman in my life; preferably a hunk with a power washer and a riding lawnmower.
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    I am hoping the phone does not ring with someone telling me I need to come to work because we have no nurses
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    OMG that laundry thing is so true....I'll open up my hamper on a day off and go, "WHERE DID ALL THESE CLOTHES COME FROM - I wear a uniform to work every day!!" So the cartoon really made me LOL!
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    hahaha nice! so i guesss everyone can relate to this..
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    What day off LOL. I already went and got my flowers to plant this weekend, and I have to take my little one to school, then grandma to the doctor, and then grocery shop and more laundry (I don't mind putting it in the washer and dryer, but hate folding and putting away!). I start three night shifts in a row tomorrow night. My husband is going out of town this weekend. So what is this day off you speak of ?

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