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  1. pbuttercups

    Wants to Quit RN to be an MA

    I agree that there are so many different specialties you could go into that will be completely different than the hospital setting. I would also suggest school nursing to you!! When I first became an RN, I struggled also finding my place in the nursing world. THEN I discovered school nursing and absolutely love it!! You become part of the school community and have so many opportunities to participate in events in not only the school, but the surrounding community, that you feel like you are making a difference on so many different levels. Hang in there! You WILL find a place where you feel comfortable and then you will continue to grow as a nurse.
  2. pbuttercups

    What does your username mean?

    Peanut butter cups are the best snacks when you are on the run! I live on them some days.
  3. pbuttercups

    School Nurses - Does Their Compensation Match Their True Worth?

    I agree!!!! We need full time professional school nurses in each school every day! There are way too many children who have chronic health needs. When a school district has just one nurse who travels to different schools every day, mainly just doing the required paperwork, they are not tending to the specific needs like he/she should be. When a nurse is stationed at one or two schools, they really get to know their students and parents. They keep up to date on doctor's orders and are able to train teachers on what to watch for concerning those students. Each school has many kids who have special medical needs whether it be allergies, asthma, seizure disorders, diabetes, sickle cell, tube feeds, catheterizations, etc, that nurse has his/her hands full with those needs! From my experience, the school nurse is busy from the start of the day to the end of the day. He/she also has to keep all of the children's immunizations up to date and reported to the state, perform health screenings to screen for vision, hearing, and dental needs, and also deal with many emotional disturbances. And that's not even talking about ALL the other kids who visit the clinic for nose bleeds, injuries, bandaids, icepacks, etc. The school nurses in my district start out making about $45,000, which I feel is not enough for all they do!!!
  4. pbuttercups

    What do you wear to work as a school nurse?

    I wear scrubs and tennis shoes because they are just way more comfortable than dress clothes. I'm constantly running around and getting down on the floor or the ground to help someone. I enjoy having pockets to put all of my keys and phone. It just makes more sense!
  5. pbuttercups

    New nurse struggling

    Have you ever considered school nursing? That may be a good fit since you are most comfortable in a school setting with kids and teachers. It would also give you all the perks that you gave up (holidays off, spring break off, summers off) You would also still be able to teach in some capacity. I am a school nurse and I teach several different classes. Just an idea :)
  6. pbuttercups

    New graduate desperate for a job

    Maybe go through a temp agency to find your first job.
  7. pbuttercups

    Can a Nurse Practitioner be a school nurse

    Yes, in Ohio you must be certified as well, along with at least a BSN.
  8. pbuttercups

    Mom takes forever to pickup

    Oh my goodness! This is my biggest pet peeve! Parents (who don't even work) take forever to pick up their kids. Sometimes, the child has a high fever, is vomiting, has diarrhea, etc and the child is absolutely miserable, and the parent takes several hours to pick them up. Sometimes I have a child who was incontinent (I'm always running low on extra clothes) and I call parents telling them I need clothes ASAP, and they still take FOREVER. I don't know what the answer is.....
  9. pbuttercups

    Administer OTC medications or No?

    I work in elementary schools and our policy is every medication (including OTC) must have the Dr and the parent sign administration forms. However I know our middle school will allow OTC with only the parent signing off on it.
  10. pbuttercups

    Too old for school nursing??

    You would make a fabulous school nurse with your wealth of experience!! The main prerequisite really besides nursing knowledge, is to have a love of children of all ages. I've learned that as long as you are compassionate, you can pretty much get through anything they come to you with. I've seen not just cuts and bruises, but broken bones and broken spirits. I've realized that being a school nurse is so much more than just being a nurse...you become an integral part of the children's lives, their confidante, their #1 cheerleader. That frequent visitor who comes in every day isn't just trying to skip class, they are depressed and being bullied. Or the frequent crier who always has tummy aches and headaches, they are hiding a secret, and sooner or later will tell you about the abuse they are suffering from at home. Teens who are depressed, you might be the person they turn to when they are contemplating suicide. You get to know your kids, you know when their medications are causing changes in their behavior. You notice when they may need additional resources outside of school to get them the help they need. Sometimes I think about what I do at the school besides the norm (medication administration, vision and hearing screenings and keeping immunization records up to date) I'm really making a difference in these kids lives and I LOVE it...every day is different and a surprise!
  11. I've been licensed now for about a year and a half. I've been blessed with the opportunity to TRY a few different specialties. I've done psych, school nursing, public health, and case management. I have learned important things from each of them...and each one has made me a better nurse, taking bits and pieces from each and making me grow into a more rounded individual. My problem is I want to SETTLE into one and work long term in something I enjoy, but I find I'm always comparing the PROS and CONS of each. Currently I am trying to decide between the School Nurse position and the Case Management. School Nurse: Love working with the kids.. Full time 40 hrs a week, M-F, no weekends/holidays, great pay + benefits, BUT summers off with no pay is kinda scary to think about...Don't think they allow you to collect unemployment in summer. Case Management: I work with MRDD. Full time pay at part time hours...no benefits, some holidays and weekends, a lot of paperwork, always bringing work home. ALWAYS driving here and there...no mileage reimbursement. More stressful, but year round.. I don't know what the best path for me is.... The case management job gives me MORE time at home, which is important because of my children. But it also has a lot of negatives.... So frustrating....
  12. pbuttercups

    Oasis Point of care computers

    Hello, I have been doing case management for a few months. We are supposed to be getting point of care computers to use. Will this make it easier and cut down on time involved? Anyone been using them?
  13. pbuttercups

    School Nurse Salary?

    Ohio $24/hr
  14. pbuttercups

    Cruel Summer

    You have way too much to deal with alone. I hope you have someone or a family to help you as you go through this trying time. You have everyone on here's thoughts and prayers!!! Reach out if you ever need someone to talk to :)
  15. pbuttercups

    Dr office vs. hospital for first job

    I think any experience is helpful and can be beneficial for future job opportunities. After getting experience at a Drs office, you could always get a position in an OBGYN clinic and not the hospital....you may like it better. Who knows! That's what's so exciting about the world of nursing...many different settings. Good luck finding where you fit in :) Each setting is very unique!