Does your workplace have a Suggestion Box?

  1. 10 Love this one! Does your workplace have a Suggestion Box? I'm guessing most places don't have a Suggestion Box because they are afraid of the amount of ideas coming from nurses. What do you think? Do you have any ideas to share?

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    Yep, but our suggestion box looks strangely like a garbage can.
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    After working 12 hours with a 20 minute break for "lunch," which felt stolen rather than given, I saw an email from the manager asking for feedback on the question: "What do you think are the causes of fatigue among nurses?"

    How can anyone be so out of touch? And what can you do in the face of that, but laugh? Thanks for the cartoon.
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    And ours doesn't have an opening in it-I just can't find a slot anywhere around that thing.No one really wants a suggestion from us.
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    We had one briefly when I worked in the hospital. Then management realized they didn't really want to hear our suggestions. They did once implement a suggestion I had... they claimed they were going to give a "prize" to whomever made a suggestion to save the unit money that actually worked. 5 years later and I never got any prize...
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    Yeah, but people keep flushing it.
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    One time our administrator opened ours to find a dried-out piece of chicken that one of the SNF patients had put in it, evidently to express his/her displeasure at the quality (or lack thereof) of the food.
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    One time our administrator opened ours to find a dried-out piece of chicken that one of the SNF patients had put in it, evidently to express his/her displeasure at the quality (or lack thereof) of the food.

    Better that they were expressing their displeasure regarding the quality of the food, than expressing their displeasure regarding the quality of the incontinence briefs.

    It is entirely believable to me that somewhere, sometime... somebody has found something dried out in the suggestion box... and it wasn't chicken... or brownies.
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    My boss asked how we could save money in our hospital...I just about laughed out loud.
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    We do have lots of suggestions. Here are some of the responses you may hear: 1) that's a great idea, write up a proposal and present it and then we'll let you know; 2) we have to clear that with HR and administration; 3) we've tried that before; and 4) that is not going to happen
    All self-defeating, non supportive and placed in a bureaucracy that allows good ideas to wither on the vine. Transformational, innovative energetic people/leaders are needed to support and allow nurses to do what comes naturally solve problems and improve efficiency and save money. Makes one think that these items are not as important as we are led to believe.
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    Too Funny.... Aloha~
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    It is circular.....
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    All reminds me of the story "The Emperor Has No Clothes," a brilliant little piece. Everyone's been pretending they don't see what they see for so long that they really no longer see it! Does it remind you a bit of the CDC and the Secret Service actions of late? Everyone thinking they're so smart, when they are entirely failing their mission. What we all need is a bit of humility, especially when we get to a position of "authority." I guess that also includes the rank and file nurses who "forget" (?) the training on Ebola assessment. (Oops!) Responsibility is a scary thing and everyone can make mistakes. But each of us, all up and down the chain of command, let us not let our hubris blind us to our responsibilities, from this point forward. (My sermon and my prayer...) More cartoons, please.

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