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Cough Syrup - wow!

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  2. 28 Wow, one night is a good name for this, look at this ingredient list
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    I don't know if this would actually suppress a cough, but I'm sure you wouldn't care about the coughing!
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    That pesky FDA, suppressing all those effective treatments of the past!
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    Where's MINE??
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    Am I reading that right in that each ounce contained 125 mg of morphine?!
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    What a combination...
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    Quote from LadyFree28
    What a combination...
    Probably good for whatever ails you! Might not cure it, but you sure would feel good being sick.
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    I have had a bit of a cold recently.....not sure I would be brave enough to try it! Nyquil does me in!
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    "Skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients"...
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    I think that "gr." stands for grains, in which case it would be 8mg of Morphine/Oz. Still, woooooahh!
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    Belly up to the bar, folk!

    Dang! Let's hear it for the good ole' days!

    Such party poopers that FDA!
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    That'll cure what ails you!
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    Quote from MECO28
    "Skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients"...
    Well, thank heavens it wasn't UNskillfully combined!

    Anyone want to hazard a guess at to what the "number of other ingredients" might have been?