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  1. 4 So I was given good news by the NCBON! I'm being given back my licensure with stips for the next few years. I am ready to get back to my career, but I also feel like I have a better grasp on who I am now. Things that I forgot about myself or put to the side because of my addiction. I am truly grateful for the second chance, and this new awakening that I've had!

    Now time to find a job lol...If anyone has any suggestions or ideas or even places that are friendly to nurses in recovery I'd appreciate any suggestions! I'm in North Carolina...
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    Best of luck in all you do :~)

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    Good for you! Stay well!
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    Congratulations! Don't get discouraged jobs are tight out there for everyone!

    I wish you the best!!!!
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    That's wonderful! You will find a job - you know what they say, just do the right thing, and the rest will follow. And it will : )
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    Congrats. We all deserve a second chance. Good luck.
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    congratulations!!! now you can begin the second phase of this journey!!
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    Thank you all
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    Outpatient mental health facilities are extremely recovery friendly and also allow for a LOT more, continued personal growth. Good luck, and keep on keeping on!!!!
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    Wishing you much happiness!
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    Congratulations on both getting your license back and your continued recovery!

    Have you thought about psych? We do tend to be a bit recovery-friendly... and depending on what your stips are, there may a niche in psych that could accommodate them.
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    Congrats and best of luck
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    I have thought about psych, but I'm hoping to get something in an ambulatory setting. There are so many doctors offices around here and it's a good place to stay away from that darned pyxsis! At this point anything will be a good start and a blessing, I'm keeping all options open.

    I have faith I'm right where I need to be, and my path will take me where I'm supposed to go. Just hope there's a pay check involved lol