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avaloncar is a BSN, RN and specializes in Peds, Float, Ambulatory, Telemetry (new).

Graduated in December of 2011. Passed Boards January 2012. First job April 2012. Left first job November 2012. Second job (May 2013): Ambulatory/Clinic Care nurse Working for a year on a Stroke/telemetry unit. Tele nurse wanting to move on to possible ICU

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  1. Starting salary in MS for a RN

    I lived Tupelpo MS I was getting 19 an hour. And it took me about 5 months to find a job. Its hard down there.
  2. CNE credits in NYC

    I live in NY and we do not require to have CNE credits (Continuing education/contact hours) but does it look better on a resume to have those hours? I read a lot of articles but do not actually send in answers to the CE questions to earn CE credits. ...
  3. If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    Love it
  4. Call Bells and IV Pumps

    Alarm fatigue is such a real problem not even for those patients in the ICU but for all patients in the hospital. I wish there was something we could do to stop the incessant beeping. And clearly it affects the staff too. It is a shame. Thanks for th...
  5. Call Bells and IV Pumps

    .....who else hears them after a long shift? Because I sure do. lmao!
  6. Multidisciplinary rounds

    At my new job we do something called Multidisciplinary rounds. (I am a fairly new nurse and I am very new to a stroke unit) It is where the different departments (Dr's, SW, stroke coordinator and so on) meet all together everyday to speak about the p...
  7. INK STAINS!!!

    Hello everyone. I have to wear all white to work and I don't mind it much. But these days I cannot seem to get away from getting ink stains on my uniform. If it is not by my own clumsiness or just by the ink trolls, lol. I have been using clorax and ...
  8. Ultimate Nursing Bag

    What pattern did you get? I got the white one with pink, green and purple on it.
  9. What street clothes do YOU wear in nursing school?

    We were directed to dress professional or business casual. I didn't mind.
  10. Am I the only one who hates 12 hour shifts??

    From working 5 days a week. 3-11, every Friday off and every other weekend off with the exception of working every other Sunday. Now THAT is having no life. I am TOO excited to finally have the 12 hour shift and the guaranteed 4 days off. Just sayi...
  11. Columbia SC

    The hospitals in that area are all very good. I worked in one of them and I loved it there. They are mostly teaching hospitals and a great place to work. I do not know much about the ER so much, but I did some time in the ER as a student. But when I ...
  12. What type of shoes do you buy?

    I love my Dansko shoes!
  13. A new book, "The American Nurse"

    I have been meaning to buy this book. Looks like a good one to add to the collection.
  14. Ultimate Nursing Bag

    Hi I just received my bag today. And it is slightly bigger and and taller than I thought it was going to be. But I think I am going to love it being that I could fit my whole world to come to work with me, lol. Thanks for the responses!
  15. What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    I personally love the Dansko brand. Every other brand/shoe I tried, has given me soooo much leg and foot pain, it was riduculous. I also had a foot injury I never took care of and this shoe always gives me comfort.