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Hi guys: I have already asked this question on the Friends/Family of Addicts forum I belong to, so I thought I would get your opinion as well. My husband is a 3 1/2 years clean, recovering addict. His good friend (I'll call him... Read More

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    If you see no clear path that he's taking to be sober NOW with good intentions then leave it along BUT by what you posted, he apparently doesn't see getting sober before nursing school as a priority so then I would report him. I have never been a "snitch" and disliked them most times but this is a big exception.

    He has a serious drug problem (heroin and pills are NOT a joke, not even alcohol ) and the LAST thing I would hate to see is him get in (take someone's spot who worked their a$$ off to be there) and hide his addiction (which addicts learn to do well), then graduate and be my nurse. NO freaking way. SMH

    Like I said, I am not promoting snitching by any means, I also don't think one should get in someone's way of making a better life for themselves whether they have a shady past or not.

    Clearly, in this case he's so addicted he thinks he can "make it" as a nurse while popping/snorting and whatever else he does. Not cool.

    Not fair for that one person who worked so hard to be there and now got wait listed and a complete hazard to all future patients.

    PS. Even if he's drug tested an addict will research this and try to pass it.

    EDIT: And yes, you need to BE SURE that he is back taking drugs like others said.
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    Unless you have personally been with him while he was doing whatever drug, I think you should stay out of it. You may be 99% sure he has relapsed, but it could just be people blowing smoke.

    Edit: And to the people saying he doesn't deserve to take the spots of other applicants, he did earn his spot just like everyone else. It's the school's responsibility to make sure he meets the criteria necessary to work in clinicals. Not yours.
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    The way talk goes around and rumors are fabricated, I would not make the allegation to the school unless you actually saw him using. Same way the police often say about third party witnessed stuff. "I can't do anything because I didn't see it myself".
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    We drug tested every semester prior to the semester starting. I know in Illinois (where I went to school, it is a law to do this, not a choice.

    What I would do is wait until he comes to the point of orientation and being tested for the first time. If this school does not do mandatory testing, at that point I would speak to the director of the program and let her know what you know. She/he can order a drug screen due to suspicion. They will not tell the person in question why they have the suspicion or who brought it to their attention.

    Being a snitch has NOTHING to do with it. That is the WORST advice I would give you on this. It is about patient safety. If this person is in clinicals impaired, one wrong decision could harm or kill a patient. NOTHING is more first and foremost than patient safety.

    Screw thinking of the other students trying to get into the program, think about the patient. What if it was you or a family member being cared for by this person and something tragic happened? I would not want this on my conscience, and certainly, it is preventable.

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    Quote from VanessaLee13
    1. the waiting list is very long and he will be taking a spot from someone who would better take advantage of the program
    I've never understood why people are always so concerned about taking spots from those supposedly more deserved. Schools admit based on a variety of things but I've never heard of an admissions committee assessing "deservedness" when selecting students.

    I agree with Trenia- stay out of it unless you have witnessed illegal behavior.
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    We were drug tested on orientation day. If people don't pass, I am sure they will offer the position to someone else.
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    Most nursing schools drug screen new students-its part of their accreditation process. He will fail, if he is using. There are alternates, that are ready to go should anyone not be admitted because of their drug screen.
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    You wrote - "Now, the F/F of Addicts people mostly just said to let the situation be, and that J would fail out on his own anyways. But I feel as if I should contact the nursing school to let them know (I went to the same nursing school). Because who knows how long it will take him to fail on his own, and how many patients/narcotics he will have contact with, besides the fact that someone else will have to wait another semester to get into the program if he takes the spot."

    My thoughts and response -
    Why wont listen to the experts of F/F? As someones wife who is in recovery I am sure you are familiar with Al-anon and CODA -where the philosophy is "its a family disease" ... here are some slogans right from them

    Do not to create a crisis nor prevent one from happening

    If you're working your own program properly,you won't have time to work someone else's!!

    Stop watering the weeds!!

    Letting go of others
    will lift my own spirit high today.

    A person singing her own praises
    is usually singing solo -- and out of tune.

    How about letting people off the hook today?

    I dont have friends or relationships I have hostages

    I don't have relationships ~
    I have Close Encounters.

    I get lots of messages from God,
    but most are in my own handwriting.

    If you have to talk to more than three people
    about the same problem, you don't want help, you want attention.

    My relationship isn't my problem
    and it isn't my solution.

    "I'm an egomaniac with an inferiority complex

    "Let go and let G*d"

    Mind your own business - just what is your business ?

    You seem bent on your agenda and wanting validation. To me your self serving mission has another purpose and I hope you really introspect your motives if your co addiction will allow you to.

    All the best one day at a time and if that isn't enough take it one minute at a time till you get there.

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    Quote from brandon2011
    don't be a snitch.
    actually, snitching is the least of the problems here.

    i've always been a believer in karma, recognizing that sometimes, being proactive is warranted.
    however, it seems you're focused on wanting to report this person...
    which is why you are seeking advice from here.

    if you do this, i would do so anonymously.
    do not mention you attended the school, but you can share the hx of how you came to know.
    and then drop it...forever.
    you will have done what you sought out to do, and it'll be on the school as to what they do with this info.

    much luck.

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    Oh brother. Mind your own business, the situation will rectify itself.

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