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linearthinker has 25 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in FNP.

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  1. linearthinker

    Can I become a Nurse Practioner?

    I understood what you meant and agree your original comment is being deliberately skewed out of context. People who want to be offended will be. That's on them. Those who want to try to "get it" can grasp it without too much effort and without getting all butthurt. It isn't enough to just say, Gee, I don't agree with that point; have you considered xyz? There will always be those in a group that demonize you for making a good point that they disagree with or that they just don't want to hear. That's how it goes on the interwebz. From one Duke alum to another, I say keep on keepin' on. I agree with you for the most part.
  2. linearthinker

    Prison job for female RN

    I have a friend who is a NP in a medium security state prison. She really likes it. She says the corrections officers are, by far, much more difficult and unpleasant to deal with than the inmates.
  3. linearthinker

    New Bill Eases Work Visas for Foreign Nurses

    Oh, no. Let's make no mistake, that's exactly who we are really talking about here. Brown skinned people with accents, non-western culture and most especially, non-Christian. Start eliminating those identifiers, and the immigrants become progressively more acceptable. When they are Canadian, or they look and talk (almost ) just like "regular" Americans, and so they are ok.
  4. linearthinker

    What do you do on the drive to work?

    I listen to the BBC World News, or NPR Morning Edition.
  5. linearthinker

    ugh what to wear

    Oh dear. My fault for assuming too much. I'm an atheist. I thought people wore dress clothes to church. I don't think I really need to be specific about what is implied, do I?
  6. linearthinker

    ugh what to wear

    OK, anyone posting with me for more than a week knows that I am a hard mule on the issue of interview attire. IMO, there is almost no excuse not to wear a suit to an interview, and no excuse to wear scrubs to an interview, ever. The latter is just really gross, frankly. However, that said, even I would cut a 40 week pregnant woman some slack on interview attire. Not enough slack for scrubs (really, that is just never acceptable. If I'm interviewing you, you've lost the job the minute you walk in in scrubs), but enough to let you slide by without a suit, lol. Anything you might wear to church or something should be fine. A dress, or slacks and blouse. Good luck, on both counts.
  7. linearthinker

    New Bill Eases Work Visas for Foreign Nurses

    Silly Juan. No one means our ghillbert, just the other foreign nurses. From those dirty 3rd world countries. :roll eyes: I am so ashamed to be an American sometimes.
  8. linearthinker

    Politcally incorrect rant aka how my day went

    The dumz. I gotz em. 'Cause I still don't get what the nonsensical rant has to do with anything. Whatever, carry on.
  9. linearthinker

    New Bill Eases Work Visas for Foreign Nurses

    If qualified applicants are not applying, how are they being betrayed?
  10. linearthinker

    Do you think nursing is a profession?

    I think it should be/could be, but is not at present.
  11. linearthinker

    Politcally incorrect rant aka how my day went

    How does any of this relate at all to this: our leaders ---- national and local (left and right) are running through our nation/ healthcare system like a swarm of locus devorhoring (sic) and destroying everything, and leaving a pile of s*** it the wake You are all over the place. Maybe if you make one coherent argument, and stick with, it we could discuss it. I can not follow your flight of ideas.
  12. linearthinker

    Politcally incorrect rant aka how my day went

    How so? And, FTR, there is nothing lacking wth my hearing, or literacy level, lol.
  13. linearthinker

    Confused about Carpuject???

    I think the point was to go needless....
  14. linearthinker

    Politcally incorrect rant aka how my day went

    I couldn't make any sense of anything past "as a result of obamacare..."
  15. linearthinker

    Mandated Flu vaccine?

    I think if you don't want a flu shot you have every to refuse, so long as you take a job that does not put patients at risk.