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linearthinker has 25 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in FNP.

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  1. linearthinker

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    apocatastasis has good points, but I think there is more to it than what you bring to the practice, and that is what the market will bear. In my area, NPs are making in the mid 60s, no benefits. They are happy to get it b/c they would top out in the low 50's with nights/weekends/holidays lifting the 350pounders by themselves in the hospital. Yes, we could all move to Chicago and make more money, but we choose to live where we do for a reason, and there is a trade off. Low wages are the price we pay for a quality of life we can't buy anywhere else. It is also worth pointing out that physicians here are not earning the salaries being quoted. Our only general surgeon is losing money and keeping the practice open with his retirement savings and a 3rd (yes, you read the correctly) mortgage. He said he may as well b/c he will never retire. When he is gone, we simply won't have a surgeon for 100 miles. He is paying his staff, but hasn't paid himself in years. It took us 6 years to find him, lol, but the last internal medicine MD we recruited here is being paid 95K a year, but since we are an underserved area (shocker) he gets an additional 35K in loan reimbursement assistance from the feds. I know b/c he told me. He also said most of his classmates started out at twice as much. He also said he feels like he got the better deal and would have come here for less, lol. So in the end, the most important thing is to know your market so you cannot be taken advantage of, yet don't price yourself out of it. 2 cents from the unemployed/never employed NP.
  2. linearthinker

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    I won't T&F you either. I think the ergonomics and physical mechanics of any career are a legitimate issue to consider. The reasons you describe are not reasons that I began my NP education, but they certainly occurred to me more than once as I was working through it! And I sat up a little straighter when I wrote that.
  3. linearthinker

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    We don't have any PAs here to speak of, all NPs, in hospital and out-pt, primary care and specialty settings. No they aren't making mad bank, lol. NP pay here is about $30 an hour to start. RN pay is about $18-19, to start. After 20 years in Critical Care, I topped out the pay scale at $27 and change. I paid a great deal more than 20K for my education b/c I wanted to go to a certain school. I could have gone much closer to home for 1/5th of what I spent, but mediocrity has never been my style. I am continuing for the DNP because I want to. So, before it's over I'll have spent well over 100K to make $2.50 an hour more than I was when I quit bedside nursing. And yes, it will absolutely have been worth it! :) I have loved my NP education. It has been a joy and a privilege. I'd do it all again at twice the price. "Worth it," is relative.
  4. linearthinker

    Do you shower right after your shift?

    of course
  5. linearthinker

    "Right to Sit"

    The h*** with sitting, I'd walk, right out the door. Seriously, get a new job.
  6. linearthinker

    pain contracts

    Pain contracts (or better yet. controlled substance contract) are a very good idea and should be the standard of care with every pt. on any long term schedule II.
  7. linearthinker

    If YOU were the patient, would you feel comfortable...

    No. I don't share a bathroom with my husband, I'm certainly not going to share one with a stranger.
  8. linearthinker

    New Residents, Eeek!

    Some unbecoming posts here. Very unprofessional to complain about ones medical colleagues this way. I'm disappointed to see it.
  9. linearthinker

    Worried nursing student

    I believe my school looked at Nsg GPA for admission and cumulative GPA for merit scholarships. The admission counselors at your school of choice is the best person to address their policy. Good luck.
  10. linearthinker

    CEN vs CCRN

    I didn't think either of them was that hard, but CCRN was probably the more challenging of the two. No, ACLS and PALS wouldn't be applicable to the content of either. I don't think it makes an iota of difference which you take first. By benefits do you mean financial incentives, or do you mean more helpful in performing the job? I didn't ever get any monetary benefit for either. I did get a pin for the CEN I think. It was so long ago, I'm not certain if that is what it was for. If you meant which had more practice benefit, my answer is still neither, lol. They were both very helpful content wise in making me a better clinician. Good luck.
  11. linearthinker

    Too lazy to adjust your alarms? or Don't know how?

    I don't disagree with you, I was just answering the OP. Neither lazy nor stupid, simply not empowered to contort the world to suit our preference. My job was 8 minutes from my house via bicycle. The option: drive over 60 minutes to the next critical care job so that I may be "respected" enough to alter alarm settings? Meh. Not a high enough priority in my life.
  12. linearthinker

    mandatory designated quiet time

    My last hospital never did go to the colossally stupid idea of open visiting in the ICU, thank god. We still never had any peace and quiet b/c they built our unit directly next to the ED, the ED and CCU shared a nurses station! One good idea (strict visitation) juxtaposed, directly in this case(!) with a really bad one.
  13. linearthinker

    No creativity in nursing? Hah!

    I wonder if you would consider adjusting your font size and color? I am forced to skip over your posts, which is unfortunate I think. Just asking.
  14. linearthinker

    Too lazy to adjust your alarms? or Don't know how?

    Not only were we not allowed to change our preset alarms, the silence and custom alarm functions were disabled at the factory, so we couldn't anyway. Why not work to change it? B/C it didn't bother us enough. There were serious issues that needed our attention. It bothered the patients, they complained all the time. We encouraged them to make note of it on their satisfaction surveys. I assume they did, but nothing ever changed. TPTB wanted them on, full volume, factory settings. So be it.
  15. linearthinker

    what stethoscope to buy?

    With respect, there is no reason for a student to have anything fancier than a $20 sprague. You are not grading heart murmurs, you are taking blood pressures. You can hear an S3 or S4, bruits and adventitious lung sounds just fine with a sprague. It is unnecessary for you to have a cardiologist's stethoscope. Hold off, and let someone buy you one for graduation.
  16. linearthinker

    Should I stop to help?

    to the OP, absolutely not.

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