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linearthinker has 25 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in FNP.

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  1. Well it looks like it's time to get off my lazy butt

    Nice try, but I'll never tell, lol. I got a google alert that the job was posted on the local NP association website. Keep your eyes peeled for a PT job sharing opportunity in your area. I'll warn you though, I'm doing Tu, Wed & Thurs. (8-4, sk...
  2. LVN to RN on same floor?

    If that is your institutional policy, what choice do you have?
  3. abandonment issue

    No. I'd still fire you, but you can't be reported to the BON for abandonment.
  4. can young,healthy,athletic men have heart attacks?

    yes, of course.
  5. My manager went off on me!

    Did she have suggestions or just criticisms? I'd go back and ask her to help you write a plan of correction. That is part of her job.
  6. Nice post Rhythsetradio. It was well said a few pages back, basically get with the program people, or get left behind. You spend more hours on allnurses bemoaning your fate than it would take to apply to a a BSN program near you, lol. So just do ...
  7. New grads and student nurses...textbook question!

    I'd sell them.
  8. Do you ask questions in the middle of shift report?

    Depended if I could get the information elsewhere. If I could, I didn't bother to ask, I just looked it up. If it was something I *needed* to know from the off going nurse, I'd interrupt and ask right then. I generally liked them to tell me their t...
  9. $450 scrub top... yeah, I know, for real.

    I agree with that. FWIW, I would never wear or carry anything with a label you can see. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Someone had to go into my purse and get my car keys once and saw the label that was on the inside. She was stunned that I would spend a l...
  10. I got a job today. I have decided to bite the bullet and drive a long distance for the kind of job I want. It is about a 75-80 minute drive, which I swore I would never do. However, if I don't I'll be stuck with a very nasty state practice act and...
  11. $450 scrub top... yeah, I know, for real.

    I like Prada, and I regularly buy designer clothes and accessories. I wouldn't buy those.
  12. Will going agency now screw my resume/career forever?

    Stay on at your current place prn. Then you will not have left, per se, and there is not "job hopping," and you still have a foot in the door if the agency doesn't work out. Good luck.
  13. PA's make more $$ than NP's?!

    I was merely commenting upon why it does not amount to "discrimination" when an employer opts for more education over less. Of course they are going to miss some strong candidates, that goes without saying. Any ADN prepared RN will tell you that. ...
  14. NP Boards & PAs

    As I said, I think it is probably half right and out of context, lol. As such, no conclusions can be made. I would caution people not to look for offense when we don't even have any facts. I suspect whatever the Q&As really were, they were ...
  15. 2015 DNP

    You are demonstrating both stubborn ignorance and prejudice. I see no point in engaging you further.