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    In July of 2009, I turned myself into the Peer program. Not as noble as it sounds, as I knew I was going to be reported for working while impaired (which ultimately was showing in my work).

    I valued my career even more than my family and was a work-a-holic. Which is part of the reason my normally social drinking grew into an addiction. I thought this was the end of the world. I lived for almost 3 years scared I would not be able to afford a drug test, or IOP, or house payment. I never found a traditional nursing job while in peer, but I got creative and found a medical assisting job where they eventually agreed to invent a position for me that met my requirements (though my pay stayed the same as a medical assistant).

    I was delayed for 6 months due to issues that were out of my control (be careful who and where you work for is my only advice). But as of last week I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y made it through.

    Even just a few days later, I have opportunities I never thought of or thought I would have again. The "end" was really a beginning. It was a tough lesson. But I just knew I had to make it. I can't afford to, and have no desire to return to school to be anything else. At all costs I had to stick with it and keep my license.

    You can do it. I thought this time would never come! But it does. Keep the faith!
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    Congrats. Keep up the good works. Welcome back!
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    congrats stay head strong, nurses are the toughest people i know, and u can get through this as u already did. congrats again
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    Congratulations. I am so very happy for you! I am new to the site and under unfortunate circumstances of my own fault. I was wondering.....so you didn't work as a nurse for those three years? I only ask because I'm in a situation where my nursing license has been suspended for three years and that makes me feel very anxious and defeated. I have a posting about my situation so I won't bore you by repeating it. Your story is very inspiring because it gives me hope where I felt that there was none. If you have any additional advice for someone in a similar situation, I would be so grateful to hear it. Again, what an accomplishment. Best of luck to you
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    Such a great awesome story Very happy for you
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    Congratulations!! I am so proud of you! I am in the monitoring program in PA....I start a new job tomorrow as a nurse! Your story gives me strength and hope! I am in year 1 of a 3 year contract with the BON secondary to DUI and alcoholism.....My story is on here as well...Good Luck to you .:heartbeat
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    heartfelt congratulations!!! it is so awesome to "make it through" & come out the other side with our sobriety, sanity, & careers intact! and, as you will find, it is a pleasure to get back to a new "normal" life. best of luck to you- may God continue to bless you & guide you!!
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    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!

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