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Congrats, I hope I also will one day be able to say I made it through. Thank you for posting this as we all need reminding where we were where we are and where we are going.

one day you will... and when that day comes you will be grateful that it's over. the end is just the beginning. I wish you the best.

I am sending my agreement form and work release tommorow. How long after that did it take y'all to get to look for jobs? Also any ideas for places of employment in Wichita falls area would be great. Could your 4 meetings a week be done in one day or do they have to be separate days. I have a case manger just waiting on an advocate

it just depends on when ur case manager actually gets it.. plus u might have to do the 90/90 AA/NA meetings.. try working at an office Nurse/job such as home health, less stress no narcotics , no double shifts, just 8-5 mon thru Friday . just stay clean, don't drink too much water on testing days, go to ur meetings and take it one day at a time. as far as ur meetings I was doing 2 in one day sometimes, but I wouldn't recommend that you do 4 in ine day but ask ur case manger..

Can u work while doing your 90 in 90

I believe so.. I remember having to mail/fax my meetingattendance sheet q month while I was working night shift..

I can get a job now... Woohoo!! Now to find someone here in Wichita falls, TX. I have been turned down about 15 times so far but I'm keeping my head up. And I am lOving my daily meetings

good luck jenjen4u , hope the 2 years goes by fast foryou .. remember don't take that 1st drug/drink.. 1 is too many and a 1000 is never enough.. u can do this!! if u need anything or find urself wanting to pull ur hair out hit me up with a. message.. they say ur supposed to call ur advocate but sometimes u get a advocate who has no idea what it's like to be in our shoes.. I wanted to quit so many times!! I would cry myself too sleep and want to give up!! but after 6months the program becomes routine.. my son and wife were my motivation to overcome this program.. god bless

Thank you. My advocate is great she has been thru the program herself. I am ok with everything it just seems I am running out of options job wise right now. God bless