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  1. steffuturelpn

    Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    Some of my classmates did but I worked part time. I would not recommend working full time while in the full time program but I do understand you gotta do what u gotta do
  2. steffuturelpn

    Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    I got that test with my acceptance package after my interview. Don't get paranoid over that. That is just a little refresher and that test doesn't go toward your grades at all. They will teach u all the math u need to know. Are u going for February's class. I was in February 2011 class 117
  3. steffuturelpn

    must have graduated from a accredited school of nursing

    Not true the school only has to have an approved program by the Board of Nursing for you to obtain ur Att the accreditation usually relates to title five funding from the government and status.
  4. steffuturelpn

    Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    Congrats for getting in I'm a graduate of class 117 all I can say is study hard and don't get behind
  5. steffuturelpn

    must have graduated from a accredited school of nursing

    Hi I graduated from eastern class 117 and was one of the top students. Only pointers I can tell u is to study your butt off and don't get behind for anything and ask for help. They will help you, but they will not baby you. I actually received the skills award at graduation. If u just memorize the steps and repeat them out loud or to yourself then u can't go wrong. Eastern is no cakewalk and I have seen many of my classmates fail, so stay on top of your game, there is no room for failure there. Keep ur head up. I went full time also . So get ready for the rollercoaster of ur life.
  6. steffuturelpn

    moving from LTC to medicine

    Wow, im praying for you stay focused keep your head up, it sounds like you have plan
  7. steffuturelpn

    Wage Deflation In Nursing

    This is true, I hear stories about this at work all the time, as a new grad lpn with 3 months experience I would not know what to do without Ms. Shirley or Ms. Wanda who each has 20-30 years experience as nurses, they are my backbone and they school me on things I never knew, I had a pt that needed to be sent out and I did not recognize this but as soon as they saw her they did, I can personally attest to experience saving lives, cuz who knows what could of happened, these big folks on top does not realize that you cannot put a price on this type of expertise
  8. steffuturelpn

    Cheating in Pre-Reqs

    i would tell on her,plain and simple whether i got A's or C's because im busting my butt to get them and she think she can take the easy way out, but i would do it anonymously, its not fair, life isnt fair but this is one of those times we can even the playing field
  9. steffuturelpn

    RN Panel Interview

    I dont know but good luck, make sure you smile in the interview
  10. steffuturelpn

    What should I bring with me on my first day in LTC?

    I also bought a electronic bp cuff, cuz my facility only has manual ones and with that pt load you will be pumping people up all day, all the nurses have their own, it saves a ton of time, which you wont have any to spare, just make sure it says nursing home approved, good luck, by the way i got mine from walmart, the wrist one for 60 bucks, they do have cheaper ones also, oh and take notes on how to do everything, from oredering labs to faxing things to the pharmacy, my notes helped me greatly, i keep my little notebook with me all thhe time, then i dont have to ask next time about what i need to do cuz i have it all written down
  11. steffuturelpn

    Shocked by new grads at job fair

    Wow I am a new grad lpn and I have seen this while job searching, its sad but I would never in a million years do this, but I see it all the time, I get fully dressed like im going on a interview just to fill out apps I guess that's y I had a job in 3 weeks after passing my boards
  12. steffuturelpn

    Just when you think you've seen/heard it all.........

    WOW at a lost for words
  13. steffuturelpn

    manor care pa

    I quit after two weeks it was horrible I will never work at another major care . I have a new job I love making more money and I don't feel stressed.
  14. steffuturelpn

    New LVN grad, 3 days of orientation with no pay.

    I'm a new grad also so don't sweat it, it just wasn't meant to be
  15. steffuturelpn

    What job is suitable for a first job for a LVN?

    I hope its better at your next job, I am also a new grad lpn and I also quit my first job at a ltc cuz it made me feel crazy 36 pts to one nurse on day shift, but my new job I absolutely love, 15-20 pts and staff who are willing to help, and I feel so much safer as a nurse, I hope u have the luck I had and also if u want to work in a hospital go back to school, in September in start back almost full time, but im happy with all the decisions I have made. Good luck
  16. steffuturelpn

    Entry Level Salaries for LPN's

    yeah it all depends on where u live, im in philly pa a new grad and per diem 27.21/hr but our cost of living is higher in philly than in the carolinas, to the person from georgia, whats the rate down there i have been considering moving there i have family there