Any nurse who has gone through RAMP/is going through RAMP I have a question...

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    I am about to enter into the RAMP program, and all I really want to know is if the drug tests are observed? I'm not worried about passing the tests as i am not am addict, this is just a very unfortunate situation. I have a shy bladder. I can barely go in public restrooms if I know someone might walk in. Is urine still the test of choice? If someone could ease my anxiety I would very much appreciate it.

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    I don't know anything about RAMP specifically. I do know that most drug testing is monitored. Even to get into nursing school or drug testing was monitored.
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    What is the RAMP program? I've never heard of this.
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    RAMP is the impaired nurses program in NJ.
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    I had a shy bladder learn to pee in front of everyone.....IMO
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    can anyone answer this question? i know all drug testing is somehow monitored, this is not my first time taking a drug test. but pre-employment tests you go in a private bathroom in a lab with someone standing with their ear against the door at most. im under the impression that someone will be watching me through the cracks of a stall, or in a mirror, or my nightmare standing right in front of me while i'm on the bowl.
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    I do not know about NJ--I am in VA. But, I know my first drug test was observed and it was not through the cracks of a stall. I had to leave the door open with someone (another female) watching me.
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    Im in California and considered moving back to NJ and doing ramp....but I can tell you that in the paperwork there usually is something about policies if the participant has a shy bladder. Up to and including self-cath in some cases. They simply arent going to let you not be observed. Sorry.
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    thanks for the answers ladies, I'll handle this the best way I can think of. New question though- Can my employer fire me for being in RAMP? I was going to try and avoid telling them anything but I re-read my private letter agreement and I'm required to tell them. I guess to answer that it would help if you knew the situation, so here goes...

    Two years ago('11), I let a friend borrow my car to take another friend home. They were pulled over, and friend A was caught with marijuana. Since friend A had a prior drug arrest, and friend B was an innocent bystander, I decided to be noble and take the fall since I owned the car. Note: I was NOT in the car during the traffic stop. Now I am not denying that BEFORE I was licensed I smoked weed occasionally, but I haven't at all since I got my license in '09. I am willing to submit to any kind of drug test they ask for, all I care about is whether or not I get to keep my job.
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    As well as I understand it, you are required to inform your employer of the program. However, to the best of my knowledge, NJ employers are not going to fire you unless you were diverting. I'm enrolled in PNAP, PA's program and was in rehab with a few nurses in RAMP. One was fired for diverting, the other one was not fired based on the fact that she was not diverting. NJ is very forgiving and given the circumstances of your situation, you should be fine. My question to you would be, why would you take the fall for drug possession knowing you were a nurse and you weren't in the car. I hope your friend is gracious for what you did. As far as your urine tests are concerned, they will ALL be monitored and frequent in the beginning. I wish you luck in the next five years with RAMP.

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