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  1. San Diego jobs/job database

    Hey guys! My apologies for the confusing title, I just had two things to touch on. First, I rarely go on this anymore so I wanted to write some words of encouragement for everyone and a thank you to anyone who wrote me positive comments back in Augu...
  2. Hi guys, I have been enrolled in diversion in California for about a year and a half and have been successful. I was told that it might be possible to transfer programs back to my home state of NY and finish out the program there. Does anyone have ...
  3. Im in California and considered moving back to NJ and doing ramp....but I can tell you that in the paperwork there usually is something about policies if the participant has a shy bladder. Up to and including self-cath in some cases. They simply ar...
  4. transferring diversion programs?

    thanks so much guys...subee, do you know if it is two years total? for example, I started out here in 8/2012, so would I be done in 8/2014?
  5. transferring diversion programs?

    Has anyone ever transferred diversion programs? Ive been in California's since Aug 2012. I am eligible for NJ's and probably NY's as well, and I was wondering if anyone has switched. I would be switching for family reasons as well as school. Does ...
  6. california diversion program

    Hey guys, I dont know if anyone else is familiar with the diversion program in Cali but it is horrifically expensive. In addition, I dont qualify for disability. Its the worst nightmare of my life. Does anyone know if they test for hair or anything...
  7. i doubt it, i think most likely because other individuals in the program require a work site monitor as well
  8. Cali Diversion program

    Has anyone gone through this program? I am considering enrolling. I spoke to a lawyer and he was against it, then again if I enrolled I wouldnt need him. But I have read a lot of negative things about maximus. The positive is this could be a jumpin...
  9. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone here who has worked at a military hospital has ever been disciplined by the board, and how your employer responded. I am facing possible board action for something that recently happened at a different hospital, b...
  10. being reported in CA pls help

    Thanks for all your concern guys. I was just frustrated. I am so distracted by the board proceedings that it is taking me away from getting better. Ive got 2 appointments (psych, therapy) this week and looking for addictionologist and caduceus. B...
  11. being reported in CA pls help

    you know guys, I know that finding me on the floor is "not good" and that i "should" be reported, but I was clean for a while and relapsed, am in a lot of pain because of my actions, and am trying to pick up the pieces. I just wanted a little foresi...
  12. Traveling in the OC

    kelly, I will go with you, I am in newport beach! where are you a traveler?
  13. if i have a valid license in one state, can i practice in it, if i am suspended in another?
  14. being reported in CA pls help

    I was told my employer is going to the BON with information about an incident where my NM found me on the floor with a needle in the bathroom. Hosp sent me home, wouldnt drug test me, wouldnt let me go to ER. Now theyre writing a report and sending ...
  15. nurses in recovery continue to suffer at the hands of board

    all of you are in my prayers. i relapsed the other day- at work. God was pulling me away from the drug and I didnt listen. I am begging the Lord to keep it from getting found out and am looking for caduceus meetings and state peer support groups i...