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I was told my employer is going to the BON with information about an incident where my NM found me on the floor with a needle in the bathroom. Hosp sent me home, wouldnt drug test me, wouldnt let me go to ER. Now theyre writing a report and sending it to the board. I wrote one also, but without admission to anything.

I got a drug screen the next day and it was negative.

If someone reports me, what happens next?

Hi. First off, do you have an addiction? I know your drug screen was negative but were you using? If you were diverting meds from the place where you work, they will probably be going through the list of controlled substances you accessed to check if they are all charted. If they aren't, you may be in trouble. My suggestion is that if you have a problem then you need to self-report. It looks better, the board doesn't get involved, and they will advocate for you. But better than all that, you will get the help you need. If you are using needles, then your addiction is pretty severe. I hope all goes well. I self-reported and have never heard from the board. The Professional Assistance Program told me if I did hear from the board to tell them I was working with Tnpap and they could contact them. I never did but I am of course not even out of the woods due to the fact that it can take them a while to get in touch with you. Good luck!

Whoa. You need to not worry about them reporting you, and focus on getting clean. You should contact a lawyer that works with nurses. You will and should be reported.

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Wow, does this have anything to do with your "diprovan abuse" question? Finding you on the floor with a needle is NOT good. I would be very careful how you proceed from here and talking to a lawyer might be a good thing. A negative drug screen does not mean you are clear.

you know guys, I know that finding me on the floor is "not good" and that i "should" be reported, but I was clean for a while and relapsed, am in a lot of pain because of my actions, and am trying to pick up the pieces. I just wanted a little foresight from anyone who had been through this with the board. I dont need patronizing remarks or questions about what I was using. Does it matter? How about some support- please remember we are ALL at risk for this disease.

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There will most likely be an investigation by your employer (an internal investigation) as well as the board of nursing and possibly the board of pharmacy. There might even be a police investigation depending on what the others find. Hire a license defense attorney yesterday. You have all the rights you hear on all the cop and lawyer shows. Once you retain an attorney all questioning will be with them present and all contact should be through them.

Next, go be evaluated and follow the advice of a board certified addictionologist. A relapse is a big deal. It means your disease is progressing. It also means whatever program of recovery you were following obviously wasn't sufficient. In my opinion, you need to be concentrating on getting your recovery life together. Nothing else is going to matter if you return to using. I know because I've been down that road. I worried about just about everything BUT recovery until I lost a marriage, a career, most of my possessions, and almost my life. I came close to spending a fair amount of time in prison as well.

None of my remarks should be construed as patronizing or condescending. You have a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease. Getting that into remission and developing a strong program take precedence over everything else. You can always place your license on inactive status until such time as you are clean and have some sober time under your belt. Remember HALTSS as the things that lead to relapse. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Sick, and Stressed. The more of those you are experiencing the higher your risk of relapse. Get the attorney and follow their advice. See the addictionologist and follow their advice. When addicts try to follow their own advice, they ususally end up right where you are. I know I did. My sponsor told me my best thinking took me to the bottom of the pit. Following the advice of professionals with experience in dealing with the situations you find yourself in will go a long way toward picking up as many of those pieces you spoke about as possible.

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys referral page. Type in your state and you'll get all of the nurse attorneys listed. The attorney you use doesn't have to live near you since most of the work can be done by phone, email, fax, skype, and USPS. EXPERIENCE before the board is more important than location.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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With all due respect, the fact that you made it a point to say that your drug screen the next day was negative implies that you are still not taking responsibility for your actions. That is why people are asking if you are using, not to be patronizing. And yes, it DOES matter. You are a professional. If you have an addiction, you need to own up to it and ask for help, not emphasize your negative drug test. Best of luck to you in recovery.

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I don't see anyone patronizing you. The good or bad thing about the internet is you can track peoples posts. You are worried about the board and WE are worried about your addiction. Just on this forum you have already established a pattern. The diprovan abuse question in April, your response to another recovery person in June admitting your relapse and now this one in July. This is not a one time relapse and you are still avoiding the issue of your addiction. Get into a recovery program, poster above had great advice for you, follow it. But please don't down play this. I do wish you all the best.

Thanks for all your concern guys. I was just frustrated. I am so distracted by the board proceedings that it is taking me away from getting better. Ive got 2 appointments (psych, therapy) this week and looking for addictionologist and caduceus. By the way, does anyone know if there is a national database of sorts for the caduceus meetings? All Ive ever found was like AA for doctors. Or random meetings in Michigan or Wyoming. When I contacted the board they said they only provide meetings for people in their program which I am not in yet.

:redbeatheI will keep you posted about my (hopeful) progress.

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Voluntarily leave practicing and go into rehabilitation/recovery program. I will be wishing you the best.

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