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[color=#a52a2a]hey guys,

i have signed up with ram (remote area medical) here in the us to volunteer as an rn on their expeditions. i am really excited, however i am currently living in california. now ram holds some clinics in ca but the majority are in appalachia (which is really where i want to go!)

does anyone know of ways to get discounted flights/train tickets? clearly this is something i want to do but flights to tn, ky, and va alone are around $500! i very much want to help and i dont know of any resources. it really doesnt seem fair!


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I am interested in volunteer work as well but it can be expensive. I'm sure there are organizations or churches that would be willing to sponsor volunteer expeditions. I would say just plan ahead and search for flights early. $300-400 is average for a round trip ticket from CA to that area. I'm from the south and fly from CA that way often to visit family (it can be costly). I don't know of any ways to get discounted flights besides bidding on priceline.

I'm considering working with RAM, keep us posted on how it goes if decide to volunteer with them.

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If you are serious, register yourself (i.e. create) as a non-profit. Then you can perform fund raising to pay for trips. I knew a nurse who does this, she goes to Africa every year and raises enough money to pay for expenses.

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