"You take the BUS to work!"

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    Ok. I take public transportation to work. No biggy. I have a co-worker of mine who likes to tell the staff that i don't drive and take the light rail/bus. Its not a big issue but I find his manner sort of rude and intrusive.

    Any suggestions?
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    It sounds rude/intrusive.

    Ask him, in the same public forum, how much he spends on gas each month.
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    You are lucky to have good public transportation available to you! It saves you money in fuel and could even save a person from having a car payment! Thats a lot of extra cash at the end of the month!
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    No biggie. I car pool a lot so I've worked with people over the years who think I don't drive. (Actually I live in exurbia so I drive too much!) A coworker friend of mine never rode metro in her life - and she was born and raised in the city. She told me her mother told her ladies don't ride metro. I assured her we can and do. I wasn't insulted though.
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    Co-worker: "You take the BUS to work!"
    abbaking: "...and...?"

    You might find out why your co-worker thinks it's a big deal, or you might get a funny look.

    When I rode the bus regularly it was for 3 reasons:
    1. It helped me get over my habit of sitting down to read the paper/watch TV/check e-mail for "just a few minutes" in the morning, because I had to be ready to catch the bus at 7:03, no exceptions.
    2. Since I didn't have to pay attention to the road, I had 25 minutes of "me time" each morning and evening that I could use to review yesterday's class notes or read a novel or just look out the window and enjoy the sunrise.
    3. No hunting for a parking spot!
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    I would LOVE to take public transportation to work. I hate driving. I used to take the bus to work, and I loved the time to myself. Now that I'm an obsessive knitter, I'd also enjoy taking a bus so I could knit on the way in and way home. That would be so excellent. As it is now, I live a 30 minute drive from work and the bus doesn't come out here.
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    It can be irritating when coworkers repeat the same theme or comment over and over, I agree. Try to let it go or else tell him that he's mentioned that 20 times and counting and that it's sounding tiresome.
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    Who cares if you use public transportation?? You are helping the environment, eliminating the "parking wars" that sometimes takes place when attempting to find a decent parking place!! The gas prices! Think how much you saved when gas was $4.00 + in some areas. People where I work use the light rail, subway, bus or hospital shuttle (where available). Unfortunately I am not close to any of the above and have to drive into the city every time I work. My employer PAYS for the use of public transportation. So :P :P :P to your coworker.
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    Quote from FireStarterRN
    It can be irritating when coworkers repeat the same theme or comment over and over, I agree. Try to let it go or else tell him that he's mentioned that 20 times and counting and that it's sounding tiresome.
    I would also ask him WHY this is something of such interest, that he has to repeatedly mention/comment on it to anyone who will listen to him. He must have a very boring life that he has to mention something about a co-worker constantly. JMHO and my NY $0.02.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
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    Our facility encourages people to take public transportation, carpool, or bike. In fact you get a small stipend for doing so. Parking is pretty bad and the hospital is running out of space. I wish I could take the bus, but it doesn't run late enough to get me home.
    I agree with being direct with Mr. anti-bus. There are so many positives, why would he be against it? i can't believe he is worried about your virtue.
    I had someone tease me the other day about reusing shopping bags. i pointed out that by reusing 2 bags every week, in 1 year I eliminate 100 bags from landfills. Now, if i could just get DH on board...

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