Why do some older nurses have to be mean when I'm reporting off!

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    Alright so I had a good night last night til the end....night nurses coming in....I usually give them a few minutes to get settled in (look up labs , etc). anyway there 's always this one nurse on this particular floor (i float)whom I dread giving report to. So when I give report, I feel like I'm talking to a wall. She's writing but not what I say, she's clicking on computer, and I'm just like if you have a question ask me . I gave her report on the last pt who was a transfer from Ccu earlier on the shift. She came up lungs coarse...vss...O2sats 98% on 2l nc. NO respiratory distress. She's sleeping and when she sleeps she makes this gurgling sound, but I woke her up a few times (easily wakes when you call her name) and she says she's fine Gurgling sound disappears when she wakes. Md is aware. I didn't take e action because she's been stable....anyway this older nurse starts looking at me like I don't know what I'm doing. Like I didn't do anything. I hate to end report with that kind of attitude and of coarse I lost sleep over it. My point is why do older nurses have to be like that?

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    From what you wrote in your post, you are having issues with one nurse. This isn't an age issue, so please don't try an make it one. I could easily turn this around and ask why some young nurses have to be ****** when I report off to them.

    How do you know what she is writing? How do you know what she is doing on the compututer? Just because she isn't writing down every word that you say, doesn't mean that she isn't paying attention. It just might suprise you to know that some of us older nurses can actually remember, and give a detailed report later, without having to write it all down.
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    So you are upset because you don't like how she LOOKED at you? I think you are over reacting.You seem to be making a lot of assumptions. She doesn't have to write down what you say. Like chare said, nurses, even older ones, can remember what they are told without writing it all down. Why are you saying has an attitude just because she looked at you?
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    First of all, you will run into unpleasant people no matter what profession they are in, no matter their age, and no matter their gender. It's part of being human. Second, some people really do know how to effectively multitask. She can be looking at the computer, writing notes, and listening to you at the same time. If you're losing sleep over the way someone looked ​at you, I think you're being a little too sensitive.
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    Been there done that. Call them on the behavior. Ask them if there is a problem. I have done it and it has worked. No need for disrespect no matter the age. They need to listen and be respectful. Silence is the worse type of abuse!
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Like chare said, nurses, even older ones, can remember what they are told without writing it all down.
    I've been a nurse for 5 years, and I just assumed this was not possible.

    In all seriousness, I know nurses that write very little down when receiving report and they read the previous nurse's charting to gather most of their information. Maybe this is her style, and she has taken report from you before and knows that she can gather what she needs by reviewing your charting.

    OTOH, may she does not like you. Well, that is her problem. Report off to her and get on with it. Not too long after I started in the ER, I was reporting off to a more experienced nurse (who also happened to be an 'older' nurse in the age sense). He said to me "that order for urine was put in 5 minutes before the end of your shift and you did not go in a straight cath them?" It turns out the pt was on chemo and chemo pt's are not cathed (at least in our ER, per policy of our hospital's CA center) d/t risk of neutropenia. Anyway, I politely informed the nurse of such--I wasn't stand-offish....just politely informed him why I did not run in a straight cath the pt--and moved on. This nurse eventually "warmed up" to me. The nurse in your situation might warm up to you. For now, go about your business, be confident (not cocky) in your interactions with her, and don't let her get to you.
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    Some people like you to prove your worth before they are friendly to you, it has happened at my work. And we also have nurses that are not overly friendly to anyone even if they like you.

    Just keep giving good report, be friendly but don't try too hard to be friendly because it comes off wrong.

    If the nurse wants to know your rationale explain it. "Well I decided to keep an eye out because X Y Z what should I do in the future?"
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    Has nothing to do with being older. I can multitask and listen to report and use MY time to write what I want or check the chart. It s my prerogative. I rarely get much value out of most reports lately. I can also look how ever I want.If in someone's insecurity it gets misinterpreted , oh well
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    A lot of nurses, old or young, are *******. Just is the way it is. I know exactly what you are talking about. It is polite for someone to look at you when you are talking to them. If they want to look through the computer, wait until you are done giving report. Honestly, I have never met such unpleasant people until I started working in nursing. Since it is a 'caring' profession, you would think it would attract caring individuals. This is not true! I recently switched to working with a multidisciplinary team where I am the only RN, and everyone is as nice as can be....not sure why this culture exists.....

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