What patients/behaviors/illnesses/injuries do you HATE the most? - page 5

I'll start with people who say "I went to nursing school" Okay, but are you a nurse? I need my meds today. Also I can't pay for them. Moms who let their kids run wild and scream. I get that stuff hurts, go ahead and cry. No... Read More

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    ICU nurses that have had appis or cholis.

    Fibroymyalgia "victims" actually had a patient who referred to themselves that way.

    Crohns Disease patients, needy beyond belief

    Dialysis patients, yes us mere floor nurses know not to touch your shunt or CVC.

    The morbidly obese lap band patient that doesn't want the meal/fluid restriction post op.
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    Quote from SweettartRN
    Other nurses or doctors.
    Worst patients EVER.
    I was on a med/surg float shift and was paged to the surgical floor. Apparently one of our GPs had undergone some minor procedure but had yet to pee, and nobody wanted to do the bladder scan on him.

    In I go, where I find him sitting in bed with a cup of tea in hand. He assured me, in his most proper English accent, that he would be voiding after finishing his tea and the bladder scan would be unnecessary. LOL.
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    1) The middle-aged female who presents with abdominal pain and intractable nausea for which no cause is ever found.

    2) Patients admitted for detox. I hate DTs and wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. I also hate the fact that 99.9% of the time, they're going to go through hell and then right back to doing what got them into this condition in the first place.

    3) Borderline personality disorder....especially when they have other psychiatric illnesses. I had one of these where I worked a few years ago, and she got on my last nerve. She was manipulative beyond belief, and her mood swings always seemed to conflict with mine (she had bipolar 1 and GAD, as well as BPD). Needless to say, it took everything I had to maintain my professionalism with her. Bleah.

    4) Crazy families...'nuff said.

    By contrast, the patients I LIKE best are grumpy old men......I love to spend time with them and listen to their stories. It almost always turns out that there's a heart of gold underneath the gruff exterior.
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    Entitled patients.

    The "oh my god this is the worst pain ever 1550/10 pain!!!!" *start laughing and talking to friends, texting, chewing gum

    The toothache/rotted away tooth it hurts so bad *takes huge gulp from mega rot your teeth sized soda

    The patient who is the nicest in the world....but their families are the raging spawn of satan and ruin it

    Abdo pain with severe vaginal bleeding. DO NOT LIKE AT ALL!!!!
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    Quote from NayRN
    30-40-something year old female with vague abdominal pain.
    I keep seeing posts similar to this. I'm not a nurse yet and I've only worked in assisted living. Anyone mind explaining what this is about? Just curious.
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    I don't mind performing wound care, but I hate when patients have a 10-20 little skin tears or abrasions that just equal a ton of documentation that takes forever to get organized and completed.

    I know this is mean...but I can't stand when some trached/vented patients try to tell me something that isn't vital to their care. The high pressure alarm goes crazy, I'm not excellent at reading lips, the patient gets mad at me, and I'm in the room for 20 minutes trying to find out what they want. I am a very patient person, but don't roll your eyes at me when I'm standing there staring at your mouth trying to get what you're mouthing when there are many other things that I need to be doing at the same time.
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas

    By contrast, the patients I LIKE best are grumpy old men......I love to spend time with them and listen to their stories. It almost always turns out that there's a heart of gold underneath the gruff exterior.

    Aww, Eternally grateful for nurses like you. That would be the best way to describe my dad when he was in the hospital before he passed and you are right - heart of gold under the gruff exterior. Some nurses took the time and got to see and understand.
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    * vague abodominal pain and intractable nausea/vomiting.

    * GI bleeds.

    * any patients with ridiculously-demanding family members.

    * patients who are NEVER happy, no matter what you do!

    * patients who complain to me with 10/10 pain who are sitting there laughing and talking on the phone with a friend.

    * patients who personally call me on my phone at the exact moment their pain medicine is due. then they get mad when I am late with it because I got caught up with something (like the other night when my patient's HR went into the 200's...I'm sorry but that trumps your pain!)
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    Parents of peds patients who refuse to PARENT the peds patient.
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