What patients/behaviors/illnesses/injuries do you HATE the most? - page 2

I'll start with people who say "I went to nursing school" Okay, but are you a nurse? I need my meds today. Also I can't pay for them. Moms who let their kids run wild and scream. I get that stuff hurts, go ahead and cry. No... Read More

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    Learned helplessness, and staff who feed into it... give me trach blobs any day over that.

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    I work inpatient psych and my least favorite patient is one who is thought blocking wicked bad. Give me a 300 lb psychotic patient anyday.
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    esophopgeal varices that bleed out
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    Quote from Flo.
    Try managing three cats with c-dif. Blaaaaaargh.
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    most people with an axis 2 diagnosis, specifically borderlines.
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    Seekers of pain meds.
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    End stage COPDers. After steroids, O2 and nebs, not much you can do except sedate them or watch them gasp for air.
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    Dialysis patients who come in, sit in a chair and stick their arm out.

    In our unit it's expected of patients to do their own BP, wash their arm and hands and collect their blankets before sitting down, and there are signs all over the unit saying the same thing.
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    I have a hard time with anyone presenting with vague pain. I feel helpless as it is and if there is indeed something psychosomatic going on, I feel even more at a loss.

    I'll take the DT pts...

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