Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

  1. 377 :spin:Just curious as to what you would say. Mine goes something like this:

    Hi, my name is AngelfireRN, I'll be your nurse tonight.

    I am not a waitress, nor am I your slave.

    Yelling and hurling obscenities at me will not get you your pain meds any sooner than they are ordered. Nor will having your family member or entourage do the same.

    Threatening lawsuits and having umpteen family members camp out in the halls or hold up the nurse's station will not get you preferential treatment.

    Physically grabbing me as I go down the hall is NOT a good idea.

    I do not give the orders, but I do have to follow/enforce them. This is something that you should take up with your doctor.

    No, I will not call him again to ask him for more pain medicine. He has been called twice and has said no both times.

    No, I will not give you his number so you can "straighten him out".

    No, you are not my only patient, and i highly doubt that you are single-handedly paying my salary. On the off chance that you are, let's talk about a raise.

    NO, NO, NO, i most empahatically will NOT come get you when it is time for your next pain shot while you are having a smoke break. I also will not bring it to you in the smoking room. (Have actually said that, I am allergic to cigarettes. I did it once, had an asthma attack, desatted to 83, and turned blue, according to the patient and my charge nurse, after the patient had to help me back to the floor).

    No, I don't really care if your family has not eaten all day, they drove here by themselves, they are not sick, and no, I will not call for 6 guest trays. (This of course, is if the patient in question does not need all 6 family members present, and is not at death's door).

    No, you may not have 3 six-packs of soda from the kitchen, there are other people that would like a snack, too.

    No, they will not open up the kitchen up just for you, at 1 in the morning, because you don't like the snacks we have on the floor.

    I could think of hundreds, but those will do for a start. I know it sounds mean, but this is why I got out of bedside nursing. When a hospital becomes the Hilton, I'm gone!!!
    Have fun!
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    I would LOVE to say to families, "If you think the doctor should be called for (whatever the minor and/or unreasonable demand is) please go ahead and call him yourself." I'm not talking about important things, which I will be glad to call for. I mean things like, "Where is the doctor? I think Mother could be discharged today and I'm here now so get him in here now." Or: "I know my cousin is getting a lot of pain medicine but he can still talk and I think he'd rather be knocked out so call the doctor to get something for that." Or: "My aunt takes vitamin C once in awhile and I know it's 11 p.m., but I think we should get that ordered tonight." Ughhh.
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    NO, I will NOT come back later. The twenty family members in your room 24/7 will have to step out for 15 minutes, so I can get these meds given and this procedure done. You need to run on our schedule, not your visitors' schedules. (I get soooooooo tired of being asked to "come back later". Then, when the pt is "ready now", they want you to drop everything and catch up with them.) :angryfire

    Yeah, dietary has not brought up breakfast yet because they really do want you to starve to death.
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    I had 2 patients last week alone call the dr's office to find out when they're coming to discharge them. Didn't make them arrive any earlier, though.
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    "You wouldn't have most of your health problems if you would lose some weight."

    No, I'm not a nurse, but still........
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    Oh, and I also love it when the family member that comes to tell you "Sadie's ready now", gives you that wide-eyed, slack-jawed look of disbelief when you tell them that it'll be just a minute. Like, "How DARE you not beam yourself down there this instant! She's READY!"
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    Quote from rph3664
    "You wouldn't have most of your health problems if you would lose some weight."

    No, I'm not a nurse, but still........
    Don't have to be a nurse to state the (seemingly) obvious. Very good comment, but, boy do they get huffy. Saw one one time that I bet weighed 400 pounds, complained that she could "feel the metal in the bed (because she squished the mattress flat!), and yet sat in there, inhaling ice cream,wondering why her sugar was sky-high.
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    If you would quit being so hateful to everyone people might enjoy answering your call bell.
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    Quote from AngelfireRN
    Don't have to be a nurse to state the (seemingly) obvious. Very good comment, but, boy do they get huffy. Saw one one time that I bet weighed 400 pounds, complained that she could "feel the metal in the bed (because she squished the mattress flat!), and yet sat in there, inhaling ice cream,wondering why her sugar was sky-high.
    "Ice cream won't raise my blood sugar. It is fat not sugar." Or "Its sugarless."

    Or her visitor, "She can have some cake. It is sugarless."
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    After an irate family member told me she would be talking to her boss "the asst district attorney" on Monday about my refusal to give her mom hS sleeping pill and pain pill at 1630, when she demanded it. I told her that that would be fine for her to do, but it would not change the outcome tonight because I follow Drs orders and state board practices not veiled threats from family members. I actually did say this.
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    One other thing,I have a southern nurse friend who calls everyone
    " sugar". She has been overheard telling her rehab pts who don't want to do anything for themselves (not can't but don't want to)< This aint the Hilton Sugar, you need to wheel your self on down to the therapy room.
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    i actually did say something once.

    working night shift in the er, just my tech and me. no pts, doc's asleep, we're watching tv. about 0530 a man carries in his 7-yr-old son. he spent a good 10 minutes berating me (in english) about having to stand outside the er for 20 minutes before we opened the doors, which were kept locked at night for staff safety. i kept trying to ask him if he had rung the bell but never got an answer. finally he listened to the umpteenth time i asked him what was wrong with his son, and he asked for a spanish speaker. i told him my tech was busy at the moment (she really was) and that he was doing fine (spoke broken english but i understood him). he exploded and started yelling at me in spanish, and finally he yelled in english, "why don't you speak spanish??"

    that pushed me over the edge, and without thinking i shot back, "why don't you speak english??"
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    To the obese I wont be getting you out of bed for the first time so you can fall on me...... Also, dont get mad when it takes me 20 minutes to hunt down four other pep strong enough to turn your big azz and put you on the bedpan.(common complaint of 350lbs plus pts.)

    If you called me for nausea meds(phenergan ofcourse) then no I wont be getting you those snacks you wanted....nauseated pep shouldnt eat graham crackers and peanut butter.

    To the pts threatening to leave AMA after berating all the staff because we wont cater to your every need .......Dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you....PEACE OUT!!

    To the irrate patients that scream..."I'll never come to this hospital again"............ You promise? I mean, can I get that in writing?

    No I wont get your husband a Tylenol and no I wont change your disabled incontinent family members brief.....YOU are my patient and we're not running a 2 for 1 special today.........Thank you, exit left.

    To all impatient families and patients...yeah I may be big but there isnt really two of me...I cant be in two places at one time. Sit down, shut up, and take a number
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