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There are so many . . . . how to choose? There was the woman who'd had an aortic dissection repair, and things didn't go well. She had a perioperitive MI, a CVA and sepsis. All told, she was a... Read More

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    An accident victim had 12 visitors, who pulled the curtain around his bed in a four bed room. They proceeded to burn incense and sprinkle him with rose petals and chant in a foreign language of Eastern European origin.
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    Sorry, but what is so outrageous about it? If family thinks that a ceremony of a sort might somehow help patient, in this world or another, why don't let them do it providing they do not disturb anyone and don't interfere directly with treatments.

    IMHO having someone sprinkled with rose petals is much better than sprinkling dialysis machine with myrr and holy water and adorning it with rosary, in hopes that it will suck the 9.8 potassium from the one's blood soon enough. That was the way I discovered the worst smell in the universe - a combination of myrr, vinegar and concentrated bleach:***:
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    You are correct, KatieMl, it wasn't the worst thing. I guess that at the time (1971) it was thought to be quite peculiar in the location where it happened. The New Age wasn't in full bloom at the time, and foreign folks were ....well, quite foreign to the rest of us.
    Taken out of the context of the past, it sounds pretty reasonable, actually!
    Didn't mean to offend or make fun of.....

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