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Stupid things doctors do?!

  1. 0 I have been a member of a medical website and throughout the years I have ONLY read NEGATiVE comments about nurses and how they are useless, stupid, call for stupid things, and nurses come in handy only when they wipe @$$. Doctors VS nurses...war that never has an ending.Please list some stupid things doctors have done or do. I am very curious to know, thank youI hope you all had a great Easter
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    My docs do about five smart things for every mildly annoying thing, so I guess I'll give them a pass.
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    It has been frequently pointed out here, that it is extremely immature and devisive to put down other health care professionals.I am quite familiar with some sites with med students, and have found much of the comments juvenile ( "I owned a nurse") and offensive.Why would I lower myself to their lev?
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    I may not always agree with the doctors decisions but I wouldn't call them stupid.I have a good relationship with the ones I work with and wouldn't be so disrespectful.
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    Calling a mistake stupid is short-sighted ... will the same label apply to you one day when you are hurried, preoccupied, or simply have a different judgement than a colleague?
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    We all make stupid mistakes--let's not single doctors out.
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    I have got to agree with above posters. I don't feel it's Doctors vs. Nurses as much as it is Doctors and Nurses vs. a very stressful and demanding career, as well as dealing with several of the things that make us frustrated too.

    Doctors and Nurses vs. Insurances that want patients in/out as fast as possible, Administrative and Management ('BS')Frustrations, Patient Noncompliance, not-enough-hours-in-one-day, etc.

    Their are bad apples in every basket, and I'm not going to let the few, spoil the whole. Live above steriotype.

    Reminds me of a joke I heard one time: 99% of Bad Lawyers give the other 1% a bad name. (once again, Joke)
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    I will not get into specifics here, as I do respect doctors and don't think they are "stupid" by any means, even if they at times do things that may be unadvisable. What I will say I have observed from working w/ residents and interns at a teaching hospital is at times there is a failure to see the "big picture" e.g. giving IV fluids for acute kidney injury when the patient has a hx of CHF,etc etc and so forth. But becoming a doctor as well as a nurse consists of a learning curve, and everybody--I don't care who they are--makes mistakes. Hopefully they are not mistakes that will kill someone
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    In my job physican + RN = same team.
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    Well put PMFB-RN! MD's assess and give their input. Us RN's are with these patient's bedside daily and do our own assessments. The Doc and I put our heads together and figure out what is best for our patient. I have been an RN for 5 years now and have only worked with Doc's where the repect is mutual. Oh and we are after all, only human. At one time or another we have all done silly or so called "stupis" things.
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    Hi everyone,I completely agree that doctors are not stupid( not all of them anyways). I also agree that not all doctors are disrespectful. We absolutely love all our doctors on the floor, we work as a team. However, I got so annoyed at reading all the negative comments about nurses. I am not trying to start a war against doctors, I simply want to know what are some stupid things they do eg: Writing orders. Just because they make mistakes it does not mean they are stupid. Thank you
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    I work in the OR and most of my doctors are smart enough to know not to ever rag on my team. I work in a teaching hospital and there have been so many times the OR staff has saved residents because they didn't know what to do and we did. 99% of our doctors really value us and understand how what we do really contributes to the care of that patient and they see us all as a team and respect us.

    Moving on to the stupid things, I feel like I've seen it all, although most of it seems to be medical students because they're so new and still have a lot more to learn than our lower level residents. I think my favorite one was when I asked a medical student if he wanted to insert a foley one day and he flat out told me no because he was going to school to become a doctor, not a nurse. The resident and attending in the room totally ripped him a new one over that and I loved watching every second of it.
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    I think its' funny how we comment on stupid things nurses do but can't think of one single stupid thing a doctor does.
    I don't believe in the nurses versus doctor war either. Why stoop down to their level? I just thought it was amazing that AN members rag on New grads and other nurses all day but can't think of anything to say about a doc... ummmm