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whoa-now has 5 years experience and specializes in trying to figure it out.

o geez too much to say.. to little time. Been to hell and back, in a nut shell. Trying to stop and smell the flowers along the way =)

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  1. whoa-now

    LPNs Often Fare Better Than Some Degree Earners

    I gotta say. As an Unemployed RN, I am bringing in good money through unemployment because of all those "high stress. high pay" jobs I worked for years. I am looking and looking to get back into a nursing job that suits me. But since seriously looking for new employment over the past 6-8 weeks, as I sift through the want ads and sits like Monster, Craig's List and so on. There are far more openings and job postings for not only LPN's but CNA's as well!!I'd say the ratio is for every one RN job opening there are 3-4 LPN's wanted and my gosh the need for CNA's right now is overwhelming. At least in my area. When I went to school for nursing my mistake was listening to well meaning people telling me "Oh go straight for the RN, there is so much more you can do with a degree." um... NOT! I have worked with some fantastically brilliant LPN's and CNA's in my time. Without you guys I couldn't do my job. Your title isn't what what makes you or breaks you in this industry. It's how you play the game so to speak. Just my thoughts and obervations.
  2. I try, try, try NOT to judge. If those thoughts cross my mind. I put the judgements away in a little "box in my brain" and lock it up. I proceed into Nurse mode and do my job regardless. I took a pledge to care for the sick and wounded. I don't remember a clause in that pledge that said "only under these conditions" to care for them.
  3. whoa-now

    Can someone "dumb down" what Obamacare really means?

    Touche!! MBA
  4. whoa-now

    Dealing with nosey nurses

    I will be starting my first agency job very soon so it's been good to read your comments and tips. THANKS!:cheers:
  5. whoa-now

    New RN, 3 weeks into orientation, total screw up.

    just got done reading the other comments and chuckling at a couple of them:nono:
  6. whoa-now

    New RN, 3 weeks into orientation, total screw up.

    Your REAL learning will come once your wings have been clipped and your out there flying on your own. You will find your groove. I didn't read everyone else's post. But it sounds like you are second guessing yourself on the things we all did back when. LOL in fact reading your post gave me a couple of flashbacks of my own. Your nurses intuition will kick in, you will get to know your patients better and that combo is powerful. it sounds like you are doing everything right. Remember things are not always black and white. Take a breath. You'll be just fine kiddo:nurse:
  7. Prinsessa, I agree with this as well. Job hunting these days is SO VERY impersonal!! This has been another oet peeve of mine while looking for a job.
  8. PS The none women I did get to talk when I followed up to was the one who said they were swamped with applications, asked my name again and that don't worry someone would get back to me either way. Another week goes by I called and asked receptioniest if job had been filled without giving my name. Receptiioniest stated "no one yet". I thanked her, hung up and waited and waird. NO CALL BACK.
  9. Seems it is the standard now-a-days. Over the past month to month and a half I have applied to oh... probably 6, or so jobs. Only jobs I know I am qualified for. I have a strong resume, I have the qualifications they are asking for. I write a cover letter for each position (not just a generic one). No phone call back for an interview. So yes a wait a few days and follow up with a phone call. Only one time I got the person I nneded to talk to; in which she replied "oh we have been swamped with applications for this position". We will get back with you" what was your name again". Another week goes by for this job. I called the facility and was told by receptionist no one hsd been hired yet. I said ok thank you very much and left it at that. NEVER HEARD FROM THEM ONE WAY OR ASNOTHER:confused:. Ok so the other apps./resumes I have sent, dropped off or faxed (whichever). I have not gotten a call back for any interview. I have proof read, spelling and grammer are all good. My refernces on my resume would never say a negatove word about me. I am not sure what the heck. I know HR, DON's and ADON's are busy people. But where's the respect? It's quite frustrating
  10. whoa-now

    How many hours should you be working?

    Now... about working too many hours. The grass is NOT always greener. I left a job because I thought mgmt. was crazy to think we could finish all tasks and documentation in the hours we were expected to work in a day. Probably 4/5 days turned into13-14 hours instead of the scheduled 12. (plus commute). Left that job and the next job was even worse. So no, don't pack your bags too quickly!!
  11. whoa-now

    How many hours should you be working?

    Forbidden, I personally have never known CNA's to get paid salary. In some home care settings though they are paid per visit.
  12. whoa-now

    Nurses Rock At All Stages In The Circle Of Life

    :yeah:Thank you for the wonderful post commuter. Your perspective is stellar!
  13. whoa-now

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    I appreciate my aides more than I probably sounded like I did in my last post. I am all about team work "You scratch my back and I will scratch yours" sort of thing. I just happened to take the position right after a very lazy, who cares attitude type nurse. When I started the patient and family complaints were through the roof. Both because of the nurse and the aides. I came in just trying to make it better for everyone but it was an impossible task at that particular facility. Working with your CNA's and appreciating them can either make or break your day, week, month etc etc. To all you aewsome CNA's out there:cheers: I could never do what you guys do, day in and day out. But am not afraid to pitch in if needed. Just felt I needed to clear that up.
  14. whoa-now

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    I had a crew of CNA's who made my life a living hell as 3-11 RN shift supervisor. When I would pull them aside and go over P&P with them I would get comments such as "I don't know you, you haven't worked herelong enough. So I won't listen to anything you say to me because I don't trust you. You might just tell me to do something that would make me lose my job"..(although my last job was also RN shift supervisor) Can I just say "WTH?"! I had two of them like that. These same two would tell me in the middle of their shift they were leaving becuase their kids were sick. So I would ask them OK do you have someone to cover your patients for the rest of your shift? Their reply your the RN it's your job to replace staff. OMG. I worked with the MOST immature, disrespectful CNA's I had ever run across. So of course when they would start their "I ain't doing that, I don't have to listen to you and I am leaving" I would call my DON and she would ask to speak to them. I told her sorry they split as fast as they could. Don't you know I was the one who got yelled at and in trouble for not being able to "manage my employees. The next afternoon before 3P shift started, they would get there before me and go to the DON's office andstart telling a bunch of lies about the whole situation. Was always the same 2-3 girls. They would also dissapear for long periods of time. LOL after 5 months I got canned for not being able to get my admissions, Dr.'s orders, assessments and etc done. All I can say is WOW:madface: Best thing that ever happened to me was ro lose that job!! P.S. I was able to collect unemployment, no problem until my next job came along. They didn't even try fighting me on it and they hired back the girl that worked there before me that let the CNA's run the place and treat her badly. I feel bad for the resident's there. Thanks for letting me vent!! So HousTx you are NOT alone!
  15. whoa-now

    That nagging "Did I miss something?" feeling

    I too know "that nagging feeling". Going over things in your head I think is only a natural response. As long as you know your did your best for your patient by following MD orders and facility prtocols (along with your own intuitive nature as a nurse). The good lord will take care of the rest. That mental checklist you have been rehashing in your mind is merely YOU gaining experience and learning along the way.
  16. whoa-now

    Pre-nursing: A Love Story...

    :loveya:Well written, right words... Girl you hit the nail on the head in your article in so many ways and on so many levels. I have a feeling with your smarts and your thoughtfulness. Not to mention your attitude and your wit. The good lord will bless you in whatever you do. No matter where your path will ultimately take you. You will get there with grace and a smile. Good luck and god bless:saint: