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MPKH has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in General Internal Medicine, ICU.

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  1. MPKH

    Hanging Out with Coworkers Outside of Work

    I do not make friends at work, and I only go to professional social events. I’ll go to the unit Christmas party but you won’t catch me hanging out with coworkers without a professional reason.
  2. MPKH

    Every 3 Hour Vitals and Lung Sounds

    But the OP has explicitly forbidden staff from deleting orders without her consent….?
  3. MPKH

    Is it wrong to ask for a raise?

    What’s the point of asking for a raise if you don’t have a plan for what to do if your request is denied? I can see it as leverage point if you have an offer elsewhere, but you don’t. If your plan is to stay regardless of getting a raise, then I don’...
  4. If you read through the thread, you’ll learn that the OP finds anything but a large, new house to be settling for less. A house (but not one that is small and old) is a symbol to her that she’s “made it”, and anything less than that is settling. ...
  5. MPKH

    Opinions on Employee of the Month

    We all worked rotating day and night shifts.
  6. MPKH

    Opinions on Employee of the Month

    Last unit I worked in had an employee of the month recognition program. There was a box at the front desk and you’d just drop off the name of the person/people you are nominating in the box. The manager decides the winner, with the consideration of t...
  7. MPKH

    Assigning Admissions Among Nursing Staff

    Amen. We should be prioritizing the patient’s needs over administrative tasks, policies, and protocols, as much as we are able to. In this case, the patient’s comfort should be a priority over obtaining an admission weight and mobility assessmen...
  8. Hopefully they’ll realize soon enough that SilverBells plays the role of a victim with insurmountable problems and that she has zero intentions or interests in changing her situation. These genuine advice from well meaning posters might as well ...
  9. MPKH

    Pulling Meds For Another Nurse To Pass

    I’ve pulled meds for my coworkers, and I’ve definitely given meds that were pulled for me. The meds are left in their sealed, original packaging and placed in the patient’s specific bin in the med cart outside the room. The nurse looking after the pa...
  10. Which is why I’ve taken Klone’s lead and just responded with “good luck, take care, all the best!” in this thread. I do believe I’m going to respond the same way for all subsequent threads by SilverBells from now on. It’s quite clear that Silve...
  11. Sounds like quite the conundrum you have on your hands. Good luck, take care, all the best!
  12. MPKH

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    I will echo the sentiment as well. Good luck and take care!
  13. MPKH

    Clinicals and choosing a specialty

    Nursing school graduates are generalists—they’re not trained to work in any one specialty, but have a basic foundation of the different major areas of nursing. Clinicals will reflect that. They are typically in nursing homes, med/surg units, com...
  14. MPKH

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    Um no? That wasn’t a push back. That was merely a suggestion from the social worker. You realize you don’t actually have to take everybody’s opinions and suggestions as commands and directives right? You could’ve just as easily reply to the social wo...
  15. MPKH

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    If I had a manager like SilverBells, I too, would expect her to do my job and pick up my slack. Why not? She’s willing, has no boundaries, can’t say no, and all I’d have to do is dangle the fact that patients aren’t doing well and SilverBells w...