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So the hospital where I work is infatuated with customer service and improving survey scores. However, they still love to give us 6 and 7 pts each on a busy really BUSY med/surg/tele floor. With only one tech for the whole... Read More

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    what state are you from. The nurse to pt ratio is bad. I'm glad I'm in California.

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    This sounds like the set up of a bad joke. I'm all about being proactive--it simply makes my shift easier. To assume that we've failed if a patient call light goes off is silly. All a statement like that does is decrease trust in the NM who made it.
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    Quote from sarakjp
    This sounds like a very manager thing to say. Or like a person who hasn't actually been at the bedside in a while thing to say.

    I've noticed that the strictest of bosses are the same ones who haven't been at the bedside for YEARS, decades even. They are so far removed, they forget what being a nurse or even an aide is all about. Call lights are there for a reason, and I'm not a psychic.
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    Quote from SoCalGalRN
    Our script includes asking patients before we leave the bedside "Is there anything I can do for you now, because I have the time?" It grates my nerves to no end. Of course I ask my patients before I leave if there is anything else they need, though they usually remember that extra towel they want about 2 minutes after I've left instead of while I'm there but no, I most likely DON'T have the time and it's so stupid that they want us to say something so blatantly untrue that serves no purpose.
    Do we work for the same hospital? My hospital expects us to say the same thing! As a PCA, my work is NEVER done, and most of the time, don't have the time to jump up like a little puppy at people's orders.
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    I can honestly say that it was stupid, impossible ******like this that made me leave bedside nursing. Bless all of you that manage to do it day in and day out.
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    If call lights were dings against me, I have had days where my record would take a big hit no matter how well I had been doing. You know, the patient who puts on his call light for a pencil, a newspaper, an phone book, a tissue (within reach), "fresh" ice water (how does ice water go stale?) and the like. That would be the same patient who says it's "not convenient to take his meds right now, could you come back later?" and then puts on his call light 15min later to tell me he needs his BP meds in a timely manor.
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    "when a call light goes off, consider that an error." ???
    Everytime I hear this customer service crap,I consider the job to be an error- an error in judgement of choosing this profession.

    Your manager is an error.
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    You mean you actually leave call bells where pts can reach? That is an error.
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    It seems like the most unrealistic claims and ideas come from those who haven't been at the bedside in a long time.
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    If the call lights are an error, then they should get rid of them. I'm tired of the dinging! lol

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