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So the hospital where I work is infatuated with customer service and improving survey scores. However, they still love to give us 6 and 7 pts each on a busy really BUSY med/surg/tele floor. With only one tech for the whole... Read More

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    Wow if I was a patient on your floor I'd hate to think that if I pushed that call button that it was a mark against you as my nurse. i would never dream that I would make you look bad just because I might have needed something. and just because I needed to use my call light does not mean I would not give my nurse and hospital good scores for attending my needs. Big Hugs sweetie. I sometimes shake my head at what they expect from you poor nurses sometimes.

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    Customer service or patient care.... which is more important? This is why I could never be in management. I prefer to provide safe, effective patient care regardless of the customer satisfaction. Some managers seem more concerned that Bitsy down the hall wants a warm blanket and no one has answered her call bell in 5 minutes. Never mind that all hands are involved in an ugly code. And some people will never be happy no matter how much you do for them.
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    I don't have much to add other than considering a call light an "error" is a frivolous threat and makes your manager sound burnt out and tired.
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    Hmmmm there is a type of nursing where call bells are not needed--it is called private duty, and usually happens at home. Otherwise, perhaps management will hire more nurses so everyone can be 1:1.
    The customer service model and questionaires are multi questions--yes, the nurse attended to my needs promptly, however, did not respect my privacy--and stood in my room while I used the commode.....
    This is a no win situation. And as a pp pointed out, created by those who have not been at the bedside in forever.....
    Patients have a right to privacy. It will take the Joint Commission to interview one patient who complains that they can't rest because the nurse is hovering to maybe change that.
    Management seems to want a 1:1 model of care, at the bedside and in the room 24/7, but are hesitant to hire enough people to make that possible.
    Are you a union hospital? They would have a field day the first time a nurse is written up for allowing a patient to use their call bell as opposed to being psychic.....
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    What a special world we live in.
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    Our script includes asking patients before we leave the bedside "Is there anything I can do for you now, because I have the time?" It grates my nerves to no end. Of course I ask my patients before I leave if there is anything else they need, though they usually remember that extra towel they want about 2 minutes after I've left instead of while I'm there but no, I most likely DON'T have the time and it's so stupid that they want us to say something so blatantly untrue that serves no purpose.
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    I NEVER say I have the time now. Does that mean if they need me later I won't have the time then? I think it sounds absurd.

    I can't tell you how many times I round on my patient and ask if they need anything. I think just saying that gets them thinking and when you put them on the spot they can't think of anything and that is the reason they think of it after you leave.

    It never fails that the iv pump can be working perfectly but the minute I leave out of the room it starts beeping and on goes the call light.

    Since we are not psychic and everyone has different personalities that you don't get to truly know it is impossible to anticipate every single thing.

    When you give someone a laxative you can't predict when they're going to have a bowel movement. Everyone reacts differently and some can go a couple times an hour. Forget if you're cleaning them out for a colonoscopy.

    I could go on and on.
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    Where's the cartoon ?
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    Lol a call light is considered an error?? Really? I guess you'll just have to rely on your mind reading powers... cause that makes much more sense... (insert sarcasm)
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