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  1. SoCalGalRN

    Night shifters-when do you eat?

    How do you have time to eat at 2200? I barely have time to eat a protein bar at 2300. I'm still usually busy passing/hanging meds at 2200. If not, that's when dressing changes get done, trying to catch patients before they want to sleep.
  2. SoCalGalRN

    Salary question for CA nurses

    Yes. I work 12s in California. The first 8 hours are base pay. The next 4 hours are 1.5x base.
  3. SoCalGalRN

    Night shifters-when do you eat?

    I eat dinner/breakfast at 5pm, eat a quick snack at 11 pm, eat my packed lunch at 2 am and eat something around 830/9 am when I get home before I go to sleep.
  4. SoCalGalRN

    Violent patients.

    I had a similar patient a few times over the course of a couple weeks. I was so happy when he went ama. He threatened us with violence as he was leaving and I was just flabbergasted. I'm 7 months pregnant and he was threatening me physical harm. I hate my job so much. I won't be going back. I'm so tired of being treated like that.
  5. SoCalGalRN

    Is this salary range realistic?

    I'm making $74,000 a year after 1 year of experience at my hospital. I live in a high COL area. I recently finished an MSN and will be looking for a new job soon.
  6. SoCalGalRN

    East Coast vs West Coast Nursing

    I will suggest you take a look at the California board. With one year of experience, you may not be able to get a job in Sacramento. If you do, the pay is incredible and the COL is lower than most other areas in California. I'm from California and we are considering a move in 3-4 years to my husband's home state of Missouri. It terrifies me that I would no longer be protected by mandated patient ratios. I can barely provide safe care for 5 patients now so I can only imagine how subpar the care would be if I were given 7-8 patients. I'm thinking I will need to transition to nonacute nursing if I do leave California.
  7. SoCalGalRN

    Putting too many titles?

    I guess I'll get back to you. I recently finished my MSN and I'll be looking for a new job next year. I'm absolutely not working on an NP though and I'm very vocal about how happy I am to be done with school.
  8. SoCalGalRN

    Phasing out noc shift differential in acute care?

    My night shift differential is low for the area at $3.75 an hour. I work nights because I thought it would be a good place to learn as a new grad and $7,000 a year made a big difference for us. I hate it, I feel terrible, and my life is basically in shambles. I can't wait to switch jobs and I will only be looking for day positions.
  9. SoCalGalRN

    Calling in sick on 4th shift

    I don't ever call out "late". I do notice that day shift seems to call out with 2 or less hours of notice pretty frequently. Like it's unreasonable for them to be awake by 4 am but night shift is, of course, up by 4 pm.
  10. I say "RN". Sometimes I add that I work in a hospital. I don't talk to strangers on airplanes. Headphones go in immediately and I pretend I can't hear anything.
  11. SoCalGalRN

    Accelerated master's program... stuck?

    You HAVE to continue to the NP portion? I finished my accelerated entry MSN in August as have the option of going back for another year to become an NP, should I choose to do so.
  12. SoCalGalRN

    Night Shift and Sleeping

    Sometimes you just don't adjust. I've been on nights now for over a year and still feel terrible 80% of the time.
  13. SoCalGalRN

    Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted?

    I have a three hour round trip commute for a job I hate. So, yes. :)
  14. SoCalGalRN

    MSN (not CNL) as a bedside nurse- thoughts?

    I recently completed my MSN and am working at the bedside. Though, to be fair, it was a second career degree for me.
  15. SoCalGalRN

    ASN to BSN to DNP vs ASN to MSN to Post MSN DNP?

    I would think ADN-BSN then BSN-DNP but why do you now want basically 3 more degrees? The DNP students I know now are seriously unimpressed with their various programs of study.
  16. SoCalGalRN

    2020 BSN law

    I'm living under a rock so I hadn't hear about this but I would LOVE to see a BSN as an entry level nursing degree. I think it would do wonders for the profession.