Sex in the workplace.....what do YOU think should be done?

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    Recently, at our small community hospital, the only hospitalist on the 7p-7a shift wasn't answering his pager when a CCU nurse was looking for him about a patient. After several attempts to reach him, she went looking for him, thinking he might be sleeping(that's allowed) Upon hearing voices behind the sleep room door, she summoned the Nsg supervisor, who found the door to be locked. She in turn got a maintenance man to unlock the door. Behind the door, she found quite a sight. The hospitalist and an off duty nurse. She was naked, he scrambling for his clothes. Both are married--not to each other.

    She was given a mere 2 days suspension. He works for a physicians group that staffs hospitals, and we have not seen him since.

    She has worked for the hospital for many years. What do YOU think should happen to her?
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    Give her a high-five?
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Give her a high-five?
    that is funny!! You have made my night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    She wasn't on duty, so unless the facility has "no sex on the premises at any time" written somewhere in the employee handbook, she wasn't "breaking any (workplace) rules" (the Ten Commandments -- yes; workplace rules -- no).

    He was the one on-duty with a responsibility to his patients, and he did not fulfill that responsibility.

    Honestly, as disgusted as I am by infidelity, I think the facility would have a hard time getting even a 2-day suspension to stick in a court of law...
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    Educate her about STDs. I bet his crabs have herpes...
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    I would have fired them both. There shouldn't be a need for a rule in the handbook that says "no sex on the premises"; that should be common sense.
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    Maybe the CCU nurse should be suspended for not knocking on the door with a sense of determination and needing a nursing supervisor to figure out the door was locked.
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    Upon reading the thread title, my response was:

    Install more cameras?

    Seriously though... um, a suspension is probably adequate, although I imagine
    that it all depends on the facility. I'm sure she could have also been fired.
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    You can't fix stupid!
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    It would depend on the hospital policy.

    And how the manager will deem to interpret it and enforce it.

    In most facilities , the nurse would be out the door. And the BON would impose fines and possible suspension for lack of good moral character.

    I am surprised at previous posts that make light of this.The nurse clearly has moral issues and lack of judgement.
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