sex in the work place...really?

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    So I'm watching televison.... nusring and hospital shows of course...and They are always showing someone in these shows who is in love with another nurse, or doctor and they always end up having sex while in the hospital. My question is does this really go on at the workplace? How many of you have witness this, heard about it happening, or was one of the parties involved?
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    I've seen this happen several times at my current office job, with different people each time. I think it would be naive to think this doesn't happen at least occasionally in other work places, including hospitals. That's not to say I think Grey's Anatomy is accurate!
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    Nope, not accurate. Though I'm sure there are things I don't know about.
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    Do you mean sex AT the workplace or sexual relationships among coworkers?

    Considering I met my husband while we were both working at a Fortune 500 company--and there were many, many other couples who met and married while at the company (it was sort of a running joke!)--yes, I've been part of a sexual relationship in the workplace.

    The company had a policy that precluded married couples or couples in a relationship from working in supervisory-subordinate situations, but that was never a problem for my husband and me because we didn't even work in the same department, and we never worked together on cross-department projects.

    No, we never had sex while at work, but we did take a couple of long lunches while dating...
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    Nowadays if you have time for sex on the job, you probably will be looking for another (very hard to find) job!
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    in EMS it most certainly does happen....But at hospitals I have never seen it. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And if anyone knows a hospital where it does let me know I'll totally relocate hahaha just kidding !
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    I just have not known anyone vaguely attractive, personality or looks at hospitals. So, if I hear of anything going on within the facility, I'd probably say ewwww that's gonna be ugly sex and wish I hadn't heard the gossip (bad images come to mind). All that stuff rumored is hilarious. Hey TV medical shows and healthclub ads give you the same lie don't they, those people don't exist in real life.
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    there are a couple of guys i thought about...
    does that count?

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    Absolutely it goes on. We recently had a patient complain about goings-on that she saw in the parking lot (in a car) between two medical personnel.
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    Ooooo, the stories I could tell. We had a married doctor that was a known skirt chaser, who literally prowled the halls looking for his next conquest.
    And....we had nurses willing to throw themselves at him, hoping to break up his marriage. He was fun to look at, no doubt....but....ugh..... he was a sleaze bag.

    Still, l there were young, naive, nurses, who only saw a good looking man...with tons of money.

    His marriage ended quite dramatically.....with his sobbing wife, crying her heart out about his infidelity......on Oprah......yes, Live TV......

    That day was say the least.
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