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I was working, and a group of suited up men pulled me from the floor and asked me questions about a patient's care. Afterwards, my charge nurse said that more than likely there is a law suit in the works and that they had pulled... Read More

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    Maybe these were friends of the patient, and this was some not-so-elaborate set up for the patient to sue the hospital for HIPAA violations. (you apparently did answer questions to some random unknown folks about a specific patient.....)
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    If they tell you this is a harmless otoscope, run.
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    Why would you discuss ANY pt with ANYONE without knowing who they were? You've put yourself in a jam! Hope you have a good lawyer and malpractice insurance!! Even a good lawyer will tell you to keep quiet unless there's a subpoena.
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    Had you spoken with your hospital's legal department before being accosted by these guys?
    I would not have given out any information at all.
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    How bizarre
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    The OP did not say she answered the questions. She simply stated that she was pulled into a room and asked questions, not whether she answered them. Either way it's weird, and of course we can't give out any info because of HIPAA. Besides, anything they need to know *should* be in the medical record. If someone has questions about a patient's care like that they need to get an authorization from the patient and review the records. If they need more info than that, they can send in a subpoena.

    I hope for your sake, you did not reveal any private patient information. Good luck to you.
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    Quote from bbuerke
    The OP did not say she answered the questions. She simply stated that she was pulled into a room and asked questions, not whether she answered them.
    True. However, the line "if the family sues the hospital, would I be required to testify?" leads one to believe she spoke.

    I wonder if the OP is going to respond here?
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    I've got a feeling that these suits really were hospital lawyers or upper management or something. OP didn't explain it in much detail.
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    How bizarre
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    OK.....I think we have established that she should never talk to anyone about anything without the hospitals lawyers, management,administration being aware.

    As per the Terms of Service we cannot offer legal advice.

    OP....Please notify your manager immediately. Talk to no one. Leave details OFF the internet. If this involved a patient you cared for notify your malpractice insurance immediately. Yes this happens. Yes you can be subpoenaed to court as a witness, a defendant if you are being sued, as to give evidence and depositioned.

    Tell the truth. If you don't know the answer then say so. Be honest. Talk to no one. Let the facility/manager know. If they didn't belong to the hospital they KNOW they were doing wrong......but will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

    ((HUGS)) Talk to a lawyer.

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