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  1. ProgressiveActivist

    Ethic Dilemma - Doctors that should retire

    I talked with CNO. I don't know what happened behind the scenes but a replacement was hired and the cognitively impaired doctor eased into retirement. It takes a couple of months for these delicate situations to be resolved. I'm sure they will appreciate your discretion and your efforts in the meantime to protect the patients.
  2. ProgressiveActivist

    Ethic Dilemma - Doctors that should retire

    The anesthesiologist is responsible for MAC. Do write an adverse event report about anesthesia awareness listing any contributing factors. Risk management will light a fire under your management. I was in that position last year. Tread lightly because admin does not want it to be common knowledge that there is an incompetent MD on staff. Have a private talk with the Chief of Surgical Services/Anesthesiology as we'll as your manager.
  3. ProgressiveActivist

    What would a single payer system look like?

  4. ProgressiveActivist

    workplace harassment..help?

    This is a very bad situation. Get out before you are terminated.
  5. ProgressiveActivist

    What would a single payer system look like?

    In Fact, Argue Experts, Sanders''' Medicare-for-All Numbers "Do Add Up" In the NHS, providers are incentivized through bonuses to keep their patients healthy. There is a big focus on or education and wellness. People do have the right to make bad lifestyle choices. According to this, the US squanders 430 billion healthcare dollars a year on unnecessary paperwork and insurance company profits. That money could be better spent fixing our broken mental health care system.
  6. ProgressiveActivist

    What would a single payer system look like?

    Medicare for all is not a radical idea in nearly every other industrialized country in the world.
  7. ProgressiveActivist

    What would a single payer system look like?

  8. ProgressiveActivist

    What to do about coworker not pulling her weight

    Be very clear that this is not an interpersonal issue, it's a clinical issue. Ask your manager to meet with both of you privately. State your case in a calm factual manner. When someone dies in the waiting room, she will blame you. They will say we didn't know anything about this in the RCA. You will need to have an email that documents these issues. Forward it to your private email account. I would suggest having IT track her hospital internet use. IT can limit access to just the intranet in the triage area. Ask for CCTV. If there already is CCTV well there's your proof.
  9. ProgressiveActivist

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    In 1980 the middle class was strong because one in three workers belonged to a union. Today it's one in ten.
  10. ProgressiveActivist

    Given bad report all the time.

    Ignore the critics who have no clue what it would be like to have 24 medically fragile patients.
  11. ProgressiveActivist

    Given bad report all the time.

    If a coworker programs the kangaroo pump for 70 q 20hrs instead of 70/hr management needs to provide corrective action. A new employee on probation should let management know and let it go and keep it in the vault. No conversations about omigod have you followed shady nurse? No one trusts a gossip either.
  12. ProgressiveActivist

    When a pt "gets" to you

    "If she were my Mother I would understand that her nurse has five other patients who are just as sick and that she is doing the best that she can." Sometimes you have to keep it real. If you spend an excessive amount of time with a patient they will expect constant attention and impose on you for trivial matters. Be respectful but do not socialize. Work efficiently so that they have realistic expectations of your ability to spend time with them. This is self preservation and teaching people how to treat you.
  13. ProgressiveActivist

    Bernie Sanders gets NNU nod

    The Nevada Dem. Caucus is and the SC Rep. primary is predicted to be very close. It appears that today marks the beginning of the end of establishment politics in the U.S. in favor of the populist candidates. Stay tuned.
  14. ProgressiveActivist

    New Grad RN.... work options that do not involve a hospital

    Home health and or hospice, with a goal of a case management or middle management within that agency is a viable career path for a new grad. Especially one with anxiety and panic attacks.
  15. ProgressiveActivist

    When the Hospital Fires the Bullet

    Every violent and unarmed ED pt that I have ever seen will get themselves together immediately when faced with a growling barking K-9 dog. This is in my opinion the safest way to deal with an unarmed person who poses a serious threat. These people were well behaved if there were any subsequent visits.