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DidiRN has 25 plus years experience and specializes in ICU, step down, dialysis.

I've been on Allnurses since the beginning (1998).

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    positive advice about Walden University NP program

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    Wcccd 2014 fall nursing hopefuls

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    NJCU ABSN 2014!

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    did i fluid overload her to death??

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    my back

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    New Grad Jobs In Philadelphia and Surrounding Area

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    Opinions? Father in hospice...

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    Is Med Surg Pre-cursor for Critical Care Success?

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    Need advice from fellow LVNs...

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    Canadian Lpn to Rn program

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    Has anyone attended UTI in Perth Amboy, NJ

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    Flight Nursing

    Flight nurses require a Registered Nurse license with several years of experience in critical care and/or emergency nursing. Some RNs may already be required to have or plan on obtaining paramedic certification/license. Certifications in BLS, ACLS, NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program), TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support) are usually required. Other certifications that may be mandatory are Basic Trauma Life Support, Pre Trauma Life Support, and Transport Professional Advanced Trauma Course, CCRN and/or CEN. Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) often required within one year of hire. Hazardous material training is beneficial due to the occasional landing sites near accidents or large scale spills of hazardous materials. Work Environment Flight nurses work outdoors when arriving at an accident scene or a scene of a disaster. Exposure to inclement weather may be possible, although many flights have criteria to not operate in certain types of weather. Flight nurses work close to moving mechanical parts which and must be aware of potential flight turbulence. They will also be traveling to inpatient facilities for inter-hospital transfers that may require rapid transport. There are challenges while working inflight that include cramped surroundings and loud noise from the aircraft. Noise is such a problem that many employers require intermittent hearing tests and all flight crew are required or strongly encouraged to wear hearing protection. Skills / Qualities The ability to quickly adapt to different working environments is important. Nurses must be skilled in many different areas such as managing IV medications, ventilation management, advanced life support and cardiac monitoring. Understanding of pre hospital and emergency care on top of critical care is vital. Quick life and death decisions are frequent, so nurses must be comfortable in the management of the critically ill. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work in high pressure, rapidly changing situations is highly valued. Some employers may even have height and weight restrictions. Duties / Responsibilities Flight nursing has numerous responsibilities which include: Rapid and thorough assessment/triage of patients with conditions such as trauma, cardiac, respiratory and other critical illnesses. Management of pediatric clients The ability to work closely with other flight nurses, flight paramedics, advanced practice nurses/physicians Airway and ventilator management Initiation and management of intravenous medication, fluids, and blood products Maintaining patient safety before, during and after flight May be required to participate in community and outreach and other educational events May be required to participate in preflight liftoff checks and/or assist other flight personnel. Initiation of emergency care in the absence of a physician Management of patients during aircraft problems such as rapid decompression, wheels-up landings, and other aircraft emergencies Job Outlook Flight nurses typically experience a low rate of turnover so openings are not as abundant. Employers include private companies, hospital systems, or are members of the military. Salary Salaries are typically higher than average for flight nurses due to the extensive required experience. Some websites have quoted an average salary of $55,000 per year to up to $96,000 per year. Resources Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association Association of Air Medical Services Medevac Foundation International
  16. DidiRN

    Public Health Nursing

    Public health nurses are licensed Registered Nurses. Most have a bachelor's degree in nursing. Some may continue with graduate studies focusing on a masters of public health or other relevant graduate degrees. Education in public policy, epidemiology and health administration can be helpful if the nurse wishes to continue their education. Work Environment Public health nurses primarily work for government health departments and community health centers. Nonprofit organizations can also employ public health nurses. An office environment is primarily where these nurses will work. Many times they will also go out into the community. They may work alone or with other public health nurses or on a multidisciplinary teams/committees. Skills / Qualities Public health nurses must be knowledgeable of population health and diseases. They must be comfortable speaking to small and large groups since many times they hold educational seminars in communities. They must be culturally sensitive if they live in areas of diversity; Bilingual is a plus in these areas as well. Extensive travel is possible in certain positions. Good communication skills imperative since these nurse collaborate with other disciplines and public health nurses. Knowledge of pediatric health including immunizations and specific local health concerns are important as well. Another important area is knowledge of public policy and the local political arena. Duties / Responsibilities Public health nurses focus on population health. They will be involved in reviewing data on areas such as the incidence of infectious diseases, chronic health conditions, mental health, smoking and drug use rates, and general community health trends. From that data, they can develop plans to improve public health. Many public health nurses need to become involved in the political arena in order to push for laws for community health. They occasionally may need to assist in monitoring environmental issues such as local landfills that may become a threat. Other Duties Access to care. Coordinating care with low income individuals and families and the uninsured. Responsible for education of other public health personnel. Training of new public health nurses The development of community education programs in order to improve population health. Assist with child health clinics including vaccinations Domestic violence services Preventative health campaigns that focus on community trends Working with local schools to improve pediatric health Case finding and monitoring persons with communicable diseases Public health nurses can also work for global health. Global health focuses on the health of the worldwide population. Nurses in this area may travel to foreign countries in order to hold health clinics or meet with others to develop plans to improve health. Advocacy plays a big part in global health. Job Outlook Demand varies per region. There is a demand for this specialty particularly in low income and/or undeserved communities. Some areas may not have shortages in this field of nursing. Salary According to the Robert Wood Johnson Enumeration and Characterization of the Public Health Nursing Workforce survey conducted in 2012, Public Health/Community Health Nurse salary ranged from $45,089 to $73,852. Resources American Public Health Association Association of Public Health Nursing Explore Health Careers/Public Health Nursing Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Public Health Nursing Global Health