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There is just somethings that really bother me, specifically mispronunciation of words. The specific abbreviation that realllllly grinds my gears is when a nurse or CNA/PCT says " O2 STATS" O2 "stat"uration? Anyone have... Read More

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    Rales is given a French pronunciation. Think of the word "rally." Rales is pronounced like the "ral" part of rally would be.
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    Ooh, I get riled up with axed too! Another of mine is the prostrate.
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    Umbilicus. I heard someone say um-bil-LIKE-us the other day and I almost started to giggle. But it was a PA who said it, so I'm assuming that is also a correct pronunciation... I have just never heard it before.
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    This cracks me up!!! I had a patient that I had a running joke with. I could not say "metoprolol" I woudl try and then just say Lopressor. It was my mission to be able to pronounce it correctly. To this day I chuckle when I have to say it
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    I was a pharmacy technician for 6.5 years before nursing school and everyone is killing me with their mispronunciation of drug names. Legit.
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    Quote from Ruby Vee

    I would be ecstatic if someone would say "You Welcome" or "Youse welcome" instead of "No prob." When did "No Prob" get to be correct instead of "you're welcome"?
    How about when you say "Thank you," and you get "OK" as a reply? Drives me nuts. Why bother replying at all??
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    My pet peeve is also when people don't write grammatically correct or use punctuation correctly. Also when they write in text style, like using "u" or "ur" on posts. Not just here, but anywhere. It makes it so hard for me to read! Maybe it's just me because I am older, in my 40s. Ha!
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    I cannot stand "yers" instead of "yours"---my whole family is guilty of this! That is just lazy language.
    Had a bio prof who referred to proteins as pro-tee-ins.
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    The one that drives me crazy....

    mELK instead of mILK
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    Quote from psu_213
    I agree. However, in the defense of people who have said "med-surge," they may have gone to type "surg" and their auto correct changed in to "surge" (although my autocorrect just tried to change "surg" to "surf").
    Yes, this happened to me when creating a thread once. I had no option but to put "med-surge" why I didn't write out medical-surgical, I do not know. :-)
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