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  1. kat7464

    Lasix for EOL secretions?

    A co-worker was at the bedside of an actively dying patient. Not unusual, this patient had copious secretions. She got an order for Lasix to give thru the patient's G-tube. His hospice Dx was Gastric CA. She completely bypassed hycosamine, scopalamine, glycopyrolate. In my 7 years of hospice work I have never had a doc order Lasix for excessive secretions. I have not had a chance to speak with this nurse about her decision to pursue this order. It just got me thinking....is lasix ever appropriate at EOL for patients that are not in heart failure but nevertheless have tons of secretions? I would love to hear thoughts, pathophys, experience, anything. I am completely acustomed to thinking that atopine, scop, and levsin are the only solutions. Thoughts, please.
  2. kat7464

    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    Left California after spending all of my life there. Graduated 2010 as a RN and made good money, but thanks, Jerry Brown (and all other democrats), as your policies and hidden fees...AKA TAXES, ate up my salary. The weather and landscape is good but it ain't that great. Enjoy quality of life where you are. My husband and I relocated to the Houston area. As a RN I make a fraction of what I made in California but the benefits here are worth it. I do not miss the state I was born and raised in.
  3. kat7464

    Women's Right to Choose

    Abortion is the murder of an innocent human being, plain and simple. You can dance around it all you want and talk about women's rights, but where is the right of the human she is carrying? I am sure plenty will hate me for being pro-life, but the fact is God created humans in His image...we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every human being has the right to life.
  4. kat7464

    Hospice nursing not easy!

    I work in a large inpatient hospice facility and we are crazy busy and understaffed. I am running almost my entire 13-hours shift. Gotta tell you, I do love it though. By the end of my 3-day stretch I am exhausted. I have worked as a CM seeing hospice patients in the field but it was Little House on the Prairie nursing. While I love 1:1 with the patient, there was little about it that was challenging. Unless, of course, you count the families. There was plenty of drama and challenge in that arena.
  5. Oh, brother! More touchy-feely crap. Most patients are not interested in changing their lifestyle no matter how you address it. And do not ever tell me a patient cannot afford to eat healthy. This is pure BS. They are willing to spend $$ on Coke, fast food, and the many processed foods found in their kitchen, but WILL NOT cook beans, eggs, rice, etc., all cheap meals, for their health. I am tired of coddling patients; they are grown adults who (mostly) make their own decisions. They should be taught on the consequences of their bad choices, not the touchy-feely crap to make them feel okay. Meet them where they are but don't be afraid to call a spade a spade.
  6. kat7464

    Profanity in the workplace

    I care. Just because you are older (and I am, too) does not give you license to say or do whatever you think you are entitled too. You still represent an honored profession. You are not entitled to trash it. Yes, our jobs are hard...that is no excuse for foul language.
  7. kat7464

    Profanity in the workplace

    By who...the staff or the patients? You can't really control the patients, but personally, I hate co-workers' foul mouths. Come on...take the high road and be professional. Yeah, we get that circumstances may stink but be professional. Some of your co-workers (and your patients) are counting on you.
  8. kat7464

    When family fails the patient... it breaks my heart

    Totally selfish family, unable or unwilling to see the patient's perspective, which (hopefully) was expressed prior to this situation. Have been a hospice nurse for years and am always amazed at how reluctant families are to let go when all evidence (and the patient mind you) say otherwise. I understand their pain but death is a natural event, much like childbirth. Amazing how we fight it, refusing to hear any reasoning but our own. Sad...so sad.
  9. You either love nursing or you don't. Loving it doesn't make it easy. But if you are not called to it please leave. Very difficult decision to make for many nurses. Why did you become a nurse in the first place? If it was for convenience, money, or status, forget it. You have to love your patient (and their families) and be willing to show up, serve their needs, and forget about yourself (to a large extent). If you can't do this move on. Blessings....
  10. kat7464

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    Best advice I was ever given came in nursing school - always ask yourself, "Does this make sense?" before doing anything to the patient. This made no sense on many levels and the nurse should have stopped in her tracks before administering that drug.
  11. kat7464

    How do you deal with Doctors that insult nurses?

    Be a professional. Treat the physician the way you want to be treated. Feeling put out? Not understood? I so get those feelings... But taylor your (loving) speech in such a way as to be a blessing and not a curse. The goal is your patient....not your ego. Whether the doc gets it or not...remember who you serve...your patient!
  12. kat7464

    What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Where to start? I get so sick of Code Browns....my sense of smell has been burned away thanks to smelling crap all of the time. Phlegm? So gross, but we deal with it. Foul urine? Always....families (let alone patients) are completely clueless about the junk we deal with daily. I am sick of it! My love for quality patient care keeps me going; again no one gets it except other healthcare professionals. I do not seek approbation but I am tired of the knife in my back because of attitudes of entitlement, HCAHPs servitude, etc. I have realized that I am just a maid with a med cart.
  13. kat7464

    Breaking Free From Nursing

    A "thankless profession." What were you looking for...endless praise? Seems to me you are more concerned about what you receive from nursing vs. the care you deliver. Nursing demands a heart of compassion without the attitude of "what's in it for me." Move on.
  14. kat7464

    Just a very happy post from a very happy new nurse

    So happy for you! Keep on truckin' and don't let the negativity (sure to come) get you down! I have trusted The Lord every step of the way and He has kept me and my patients safe and well-cared for! Best to you... '
  15. kat7464

    Praying in the work place

    I am always available to pray with my patients and family members, should they be open to it; it is a fundamental (I believe) aspect of nursing, and a predominant reason why I chose hospice. We are in a unique position to reflect God's desire (Jesus Christ) for all mankind thru His living Word - the Bible. However, should my patient or their family/friend decline such an offer I will treat and regard them no differently...everyone needs unconditional love.