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Recently one of the nurses on our unit came in drunk. She looked like she'd slept in her clothes, had foul breath, and was nauseous & pale. The nurse manager is her friend, and she put her in a room at the end of the hall,... Read More

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    i say report it to risk management. i hate to see people get away with these things. our profession is not taken seriously anymore.
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    Did she drive to work, that in and of itself is scary? This nurse is an accident waiting to happen. Don't worry it will all catch up with her.
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    IMO, I would report it to the risk manager at this time; if you are not comfortable with that, do the ethics hotline as that often lets you be more confidential in reporting.

    However, to say that she IS drunk w/o having proof of her being drunk sets you up for a slander suit. She may look and smell like something the cat dragged in, but unless you had a BAC/UDS verifying it or had actually seen her pounding shots before she arrived at work, you can't say for certain if she was drunk.

    Without proof, you can only voice suspicion that she MIGHT have been drunk. So be careful how you word it.
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    You are doing nobody any favors by letting it fact, she may be JUST what she needs.
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    I worked at a LTCF were it was a known fact that one of the nurses came to work drunk regularly. The ADON would just let her sleep it off in her office. I worked 3rd shift and never witnessed her for myself. This type of situation will not end good. If the nurse manager is willing to put her licence on the line for her "friend" she is not fit to be NM. If anything happend while this nurse was on the clock, the NM would have to save he own butt by not admitting this nurse was drunk. If she is willing to lie to help a drunk nurse what else is she willing to lie about?
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    This is so scary on so many levels. I hope you let us know what happens.
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    Quote from MN-Nurse
    This was a Nurse Jackie episode.

    Any nurse manager who did this in real life is risking jail time.

    Yeah.... I enjoy reading some of the wild stories posted on this site;
    I also have to wonder how many of them are made up.
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    Someone needs to file an official incident report. There is no need to address that you suspect your co-worker was impaired. Just include the solid objective things you saw; a nurse who was unable to perform her scheduled duties (regardless if it was due to illness or intoxication) and instead of being sent home or to the ER, she was given unordered medical interventions by another nurse, probably using hospital supplies (improperly ordered and probably not properly charged). Your facility was at serious liability from this manager's actions and the risk management staff needs to be aware of this events. It will be hard to ignore and cover up such an event once it is documented in an incident report. Time is of the essence though as risk management needs to be notified in a very timely manner.

    Your manager can be the one to explain if your co-worker was intoxicated, ill or whatever and how they justified the actions they took.
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    A group of us have gone to our Risk Manager, who wrote it up. If nothing is done, we will report this to the BON, as this is not the first incident w/this particular nurse. I have worked with other nurses who were suspected of coming in intoxicated, and only one was fired, another one was sent to rehab & allowed to come back.
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