Next shift RN took over - help

  1. Hi....I stayed over into the second shift to help out because they were short. While delivering 1600 meds, I discovered a patient who needed assessment immediately. Did my assessment and the 2nd shift nurse strolls down and I told her what was going on with the patient then she goes to another desk to assess a walk in patient. That nurse had to call the doc about the walk in patient but as I walked to the desk he was sitting at I found out that he also told the doc about my patient and got orders. He didn't tell me he was going to do that or ask me if I needed to talk to the doc.

    Is this normal in the nursing world or should I just chalk it up to rudeness of others and their own egos?
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  3. by   missladyrn
    Are you sure he wasn't just trying to help?
  4. by   cheez1285
    He probably was trying to help but he should've told you that he would let the doc know about the situation.
  5. by   JBudd
    How is this rude? He trusted your assessment/judgment well enough to pass on to the MD, even to the point of getting orders based on your word alone.
  6. by   OCRN3
    Why did you tell that nurse to begin with? Maybe she thought that you were asking for help and since she was already calling the doctor she just passed on the info. Sounds like she was trying to help.

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  7. by   jadelpn
    The nurse could have said to you "I am calling the doc on my patient, I will pass that information on to him, and see if he wants orders" But he did not, and what it is in your favor that he passed your information off to the MD even though he did not assess the patient himself, but took your assessment at word. Which actually did you a bit of a good thing, as if he was calling the doctor, then you called the doctor 3 seconds later, it would seem like the communication is a bit off. We sometimes have to put our own egos aside--How dare he act as if HE is doing all the assessing here, like he is the super-nurse--yes, can be annoying, but the patient needed the assessment, and you got that and was given orders in return. There are some practice models where there is just one nurse (usually charge) who does all the communicating with the MD for orders after getting an assessment from the care nurse--and sometimes they will go in and reassess themselves beforehand. It may or may not work differently on your usual shift. So I would at least be really proud that this nurse trusts you enough to take you at your word.
  8. by   mindlor
    Same here,

    Seems to me he was being helpful and a team player.
  9. by   eatmysoxRN
    Did the nurse leave out something important that caused the orders to be inappropriate? If not, I don't understand why you are angry. I'd thank them for helping me out.

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  10. by   rita359
    So, would your next step have been to call the doctor or did you already have orders to cover whatever it was? I take it he had to call the same doctor for the patient he had. It is not like you did not share the information about your patient with him. Was he taking over with that patient after you left? Did the orders he got cover what was needed? Is it that you are upset because you are OWNING calling the doctor?
  11. by   Do_Good
    Thanks everyone. Great comments. I'll keep them in mind next time.
  12. by   L&dRNLizzi
    Maybe he thought you were giving report? Brush off the little stuff, somethings irk me about my coworkers too, but I've found it's usually a difference in perceptions and just go on with my job.
  13. by   proud nurse
    I agree with the others. Sounds like it was one of those "since I have you on the phone" type of things. Since he seems so efficient, I'm surprised he didn't communicate it better to you though.
  14. by   sapphire18
    I HATE this...unless I ASK for help, I'm fine! Don't micromanage!