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  1. missladyrn

    How would you handle this?

    Seems like an absurd policy. Nothing happens in under 15 minutes in a hospital. What kind of delay is the patient causing? They need to give you a 30 minute heads up or an estimated time if they plan to require a 15 minute turn around. Most procedures in my hospital (which is large) take more than 15 minutes to even GET to never mind get ready, in the chair or stretcher, and taken down. If you know a patient has to go at some point, all paperwork and prep work should be done. We also do not have a transporter, so most of the time patients are taken down by a tech or aide, so if the tech or aid is with another patient, that causes a delay. I think your policy is unrealistic. But I guess it depends on your facility size, do you have a transporter, what is causing the delay. You need to tell the patient they need to go now. Only delay I can see on their part would be if they were using the restroom or need pain medication. You will need to manage the patients expectations too. In the morning tell them, you have this procedure and when they call you will need to leave immediately. So they know.
  2. missladyrn

    No appreciation for NOC

    We always get ignored.
  3. missladyrn

    calling into work sick and feeling very guilty

    Meh, don't feel guilty. You would have been useless at work today and everyone around you would have had to pick up your slack. Don't martyr yourself. It is a job. They would replace you in a second if it suited them and they would feel zero guilt. Have you gone in on a day off to cover for a coworker? If your coworker had the symptoms you have, would you expect them to come to work? Stay home, get better, and go back to work when your feeling better.
  4. missladyrn

    Mandatory Meeting With CNO

    Do you work on my floor? We lost more than 70% of our staff yet they still do not seem to be getting the message. Those of us who are left won't be around long. Working short is not working out. I LOVE your idea of asking them to come work on the floor for 2 weeks. It will never happen, but I LOVE THIS IDEA.
  5. missladyrn

    How do you talk to patients with weight issues?

    I talk to them the same way I talk to every other patient. Why would their weight come into that? First I address the reason they are in the hospital and why I am caring for them. If they need support or education related to their weight I am happy to talk with them. I believe in positive education and encouragement. You are never going to shame someone into doing what you think they should do, they need to do it and want to do it themselves. As far as being in a psych hospital, well, psych issues and depression can cause weight gain or weight loss. Being overweight can lead to depression and depression can lead to weight gain. It is a chicken or the egg conundrum. Until you walk a mile in someones shoes, we need to refrain from judging and try to help in a positive way. As someone who has lost a great deal of weight on weight watchers, I know how hard it is when people start lecturing you on your weight when you are already feeling bad about it.
  6. missladyrn

    How hard to pay off 50k debt on a nurses salary?

    There are way too many other factors for any of us to answer that question. You need to sit down and make a budget. Your rent, groceries, gas, bill, and other life expenses. 600 a month is a lot.
  7. missladyrn

    What to wear to an "Open House Interview Day"

    You need a suit! Go to Nordstrom's and get a real suit with alterations to fit you perfect. I did this when I graduated from nursing school and it really makes you feel confident going to the interview looking sharp. I did get mine on sale it was an "out of season" or "last season" but it is navy blue and will last for years. You really need to do it as an investment.
  8. missladyrn

    Recomend a basic dialysis text book?

    I bought that same one Chisca recommends on half.com I never did actually read it. What company will you work for? They should have plenty of training material available. We got all kinds of training at the company I worked for.
  9. missladyrn

    How long did it take you to start liking your job?

    I am 9 months in and I finally have more good days than bad. Overall I still would not say I LIKE it per se. I doubt I ever will. At least, I am fairly certain that med surg is not my thing.
  10. missladyrn

    Movin on

    Some places do phone interviews if you are out of state. I would apply early to a bunch of places. I would not move until you have a job unless you have a lot of savings. Can you stay with family or friends and at your current job when you lease is up? Or go month to month while you look? And when you move, is it possible to choose a place where you know someone? Good for you though, your only young once might as well try it now and give it a go!
  11. missladyrn

    The soul crushing part about nursing

    That is soul crushing.
  12. I am so overtired. I normally do not work 3 in a row but this week I did. I could not sleep yesterday and went to work anyway. I knew it was going to be a long night.The start of shift was complete chaos. Nothing was done on day shift, no orders signed off, no fluids hung, no pumps in the room, NOTHING. All the post ops must have come up at the same time. After running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the first few hours catching up, I just pooped out. I actually gave up on trying to get it all done.I just was not a good nurse. I did not take good care of my patients. I had one patient too many, and one that was super needy, and the rest did not get the nursing care they deserved. During report I felt like such a bad nurse. Ever have days like that? I feel awful. And here I am exhausted, but I just can't sleep.
  13. missladyrn

    McKesson CPOE- anyone using it?

    Orders that need to be confirmed are bright yellow. :)
  14. missladyrn

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore...how about RT?

    How do you feel about phlegm? RT deals with a lot of it.
  15. If he is alert and oriented, why doesn't he just sign out ama? I bet then the family might have a different opinion. Why is the patient in the hospital to begin with? Is it life threatening?
  16. missladyrn

    Shift Swap Vent

    I work on a floor where it is difficult to get a shift swap, which I thought was odd when I first started here. I don't mind switching and I often switch when someone asks. Our schedule is different every week, I don't think a weekday for a weekday should be a big deal for people. I have taken on a lot of weekend nights for people even. The one time I asked for a swap, I expected one of these people to swap with me. Several said no. Ok, no more swaps from me then. But tonight takes the cake! Someone BEGGED me for a swap. I gave a firm no since she has burned me before when I needed one, but gave in when she cried and gave some bs sob story. Well, she called out! I got a message from the floor manager saying that I really need to be at work tonight because our "approved swap" fell through when she called off. That is not my fault and I need to know ahead of time to sleep if I am working night shift. Sorry, not coming in. I will be in on Thursday for my end of the swap. UGH. I hate people. I have not called or responded to the voicemail since I got it so late. I know I need to, but I am not going to get railroaded into going in to work.