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    Advice for a new grad!

    I need some advice from experienced nurses! As a new grad I took a position on a medical floor, and I HATE it! I feel like I was sort of thrown in and still constantly feel like I know nothing. I know my floor is not a great place for a new grad, they dont ever hire new grads and I just got the standard 6 week orientation which experienced nurses get. I feel like I am drowning with 7 patients, and I often feel like I am annoying my collegues with all of my questions. I am not happy, and feel like this is not the place for me. I have been there 6 months. I have been applying and interviewing elsewhere. Here is my big decision. I have been offered a position in a small clinic, great hours, small friendly staff and mediocre pay. I accepted the position, but dont start training until next month. ( I am replacing someone who is moving out of state) Today I got a call for a new grad critical care residency I applied for months ago. I am really feeling like this is an opportunity I cannot pass up. Should I go interview and see how it goes? They prob won't choose me anyway. But I feel like I may regret it if I pass it up. Its just that nagging feeling that I could be shooting myself in the foot and never be able to get back into a hospital setting. And I feel like with a special new grad program, they training will be far superior to what I got and that could make all the difference. I am just a little wary of another hospital after my current experience. If I hate med surg, will critical care be too much or is it so different it could be a better fit? I think the quality of the training will be a factor too. I hate to waste the interviewers time, and lets be honest, if they offer me the job it will be really difficult to un accept the position I just accepted. Should I go interview and see where it goes? Or just tell them no thanks I have accepted another position?
  2. Just curious on which company you liked best and what both experiences were like. How were they different?
  3. missladyrn

    When to say no...new grad burn out

    Stop letting them treat you like a doormat, or it will never end. Trust me, I kow how hard it is, and it is easier said than done. It happens to me at work too! YOU need to stick up for YOU or no one will. They are totally taking advantage of you. I mean they are REALLY taking advantage of you, time to put your foot down.
  4. missladyrn

    What would you do?

    I accepted a position that was described as three 10 hour shifts per week. This factored heavily into my decision because it is a little over an hour from my home and because I had been working and hated 12 hour shifts. Come to find out that the clinic is open 6 days a week, 1 RN is on each day for the entire day. 3 days end up being 10 hour days and 3 days are 14 hour days due to the appointment schedules. The other staff RN is a 40 hour full time person, I am a 30 hour full time person. I pay more for my benefits and accrue PTO at a slower rate than her. She wants to split the shifts so that I take 2 of the 14 hour shifts and 1 of 10 so 38 hours total, and she gets 2 of the 10 hours and 1 of the 14 or a total of 34 hours a week. I don't think this is fair. I was told 10, and with my commute 14 hour shift = almost 17 hours. No time to sleep between shifts. I dont want ANY of the 14 hour shifts, but if I have to do some, I just want one a week. Or I think it is only fair that they change my status to 36 hour full time and give me the same rate on insurance and pto accrual as her. I was told this isnt possible and we need to work out the schedule ourselves. The manager is totally flaking and she is the one tat lied and told me 3 tens when she hired me. Advice? Opinion? I really do like the job, but I dont want to fall asleep on the way home. I want what I was promised. Why should I take the lions share of the long shifts when she gets more pto and the better rate on insurance?
  5. missladyrn

    What would you do?

    I sent an email this am asking if the schedule was an error, since it was not the three 10 hour shifts like we discussed. I explained that 14 hours was too long and not what we agreed to. No response yet.
  6. missladyrn

    What would you do?

    I just got my schedule for the month and it has me down for two 14 hours a week again. I was very clear that this wasnt acceptable, but they did it anyway. I left the manager a message, no call back. I am working Thursday I feel like I need to give an ultimatum. They are completely ignoring me.
  7. missladyrn

    What would you do?

    The manager is the one that hired me and told me three 10 hour shifts and she is the one telling me now I need to work it out with the another nurse. I don't want to quit I really like the job, but I feel like I will have to look elsewhere if the manager doesnt step it up and fix this. My schedule seems to always be whatever days the other nurse doesnt want to work. No one stands up to her she just bosses everyone around including the spineless manager. I am really frustrated.
  8. missladyrn

    What does it mean??!!

    Maybe they got too many apps coming in. They prob picked a good bunch to interview and may be trying to pick from that pool instead of getting swamped with more apps. Don't let it get you down. Go do your best and if not for anything else, use it as a practice interview. If they like you they may consider you for other positions or one in the future. Don't count yourself out before you get there!
  9. I promise to welcome you and treat you better than I was treated. I will do my best to be your ally when the "eating of the young" starts. I will be patient when you make mistakes and remember that I made all of them too. I will help you in ways I wished people helped me. I will support you when you get overwhelmed and frustrated. And when you reach your one year mark, please do the same for those that follow. When you want to cry, know that I have been there and I made it and so will you. Godspeed, its going to be one heck of a year for you. Probably the hardest you'll endure! But in the end it will all be worth it and you will be better for it. So head up and do not apologize for what you have yet to learn. Don't fake it til you make it. Ask questions and try to learn something new every day. Get your rest, eat as healthy as you can, and just do your best!
  10. missladyrn

    To all the new grads and soon to be new grads

    My first introduction to the nursing proffesion was ugly. I just hope everyone can get the support they need to be successful, because once I found it, it made all the difference.
  11. missladyrn

    Support Hose?

    I wear them! Jobst, bought on Amazon. When I do not wear them, I feel the difference. Try em!!
  12. missladyrn

    What is a good resource for learning medical Spanish?

    I have had the need for medical services in another country and I was extremely grateful for the staff that spoke a little bit of English. And that entitlement attitude you speak of, your wearing it. And it doesn't look pretty. The patients are not demanding we speak with them, but some of us want to learn because we want to be able to speak with our patients. All of them. Ignorance is bliss I guess.
  13. missladyrn

    Press Ganey and Medicare?

    Crazy talk! There are some patients that will never be happy no matter what you do. Just cant please em. Then there are the rest. Lets just hope the Medicare patient doesnt fall into that "nothing is ever good enough, complainer" catergory. I am a proponent of taking care of everyone to the best fo your ability. I was not gifted the butt kissing gene.
  14. missladyrn

    Interview tomorrow - Need tips!

    You can do this! When they ask about yourself, you tell them your strong points. You are a hardworker, dependable, punctual. You are willing to learn and a hard worker.Make sure you research the hospital. Know their goal statement or motto, know any awards they have earned. Read the whole webpage. Smile and be friendly even though you will be nervous. Be honest. When they ask you your biggest weakness (they will) , turn in into a positive. Google this question and read up on it. When they ask why they should hire you, have your answer ready. (I am a hard worker, I want to learn, I am really interested in this position, I am dependable, love to learn, team player). Just be friendly. If they like you , you are in! Be confident, you worked hard in clinicals and you do want to do a good job. You want to learn. Forget the no experience, that just means they can train and mold you the way they want you. If they ask about it, tell them you are open to learn THEIR way and have no bad habits from other places. Knock em dead! Bring a copy of your resume, and a copy of a list of references with contact numbers. :)
  15. missladyrn

    Another Five Star Management Decision!

    I think you should ask the management team to volunteer to demonstrate the proper use of the lift equiptment on each other for the staff to see. Put them in the old lifts and see how they like it.
  16. missladyrn

    I don't like floor nursing...

    You need a vacation.
  17. missladyrn

    I'm seriously considering buying a ipod I touch for my career

    Most hospitals offer some type of med look up system, and they usually have a place where you can print up info that is patient friendly as well. That being said, I find having the Lexicomp software to be super helpful I can look stuff up wherever I am without waiting to get into the pyxis (which is where the hsopital look up system is and sometimes it is busy there). My hospital will fire you for using a cell phone, and I had to beg to get permission to use my itouch but I love it. I was able to use it at the nurses station or in medroom only. My first few months I looked up meds all the time. So my advice - check hospital policy first, and see how accessible the free system is first
  18. missladyrn

    I'm afraid that I'm a bad nurse.

    I think that is normal. I feel the same way! Try doubling your patient load ( I had 8-10) . I hated always leaving feeling like I did not do a good job, or couldn't physically keep up my job even without taking breaks or even bathroom breaks. I changed jobs, left med surg. I work in a clinic now and LOVE it! Just keep looking, you need to find something that is a good fit for you. But I do not regret any of the time spent in med surg, I learned so much! You could not pay me to go back though. Just look around, try a different type of job. :redbeathe
  19. missladyrn

    Lazy Charge Nurse

    Do you work on my former floor? lol I love when I was elbow deep running around trying to keep above water and see that Charge Nurse C was sitting there on Facebook. And if you ask her for help, she is too busy. Very rarely did we get a lunch break, but when we did she will call you in the break room to go bring water to a patient rather than interupt her online shopping. I worked nights. If she did have to do something, she would come find us to "help" since she couldnt remember how to do it. She was good at faking helplessness.
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    I give in to drug seeking patients

    On my floor, nurses do not prescribe meds. Doctors do. Preaching to the choir here.
  21. missladyrn

    I give in to drug seeking patients

    I tend to think that if they have an addiction, they also probably have a high tolerance and may actually be experiencing pain a normal dose might not cut it. I work on an ortho trauma unit, so if they have a broken bone and a history of pain clinic etc, I still do medicate them for pain when they ask if it is ordered. If the Dr orders it, and they can have it, they get it. Not my place to judge. Some of them do make me sad though.
  22. missladyrn

    Should new grads start in ICU?

    Congrats on the good news! Sorry you are having such a hard time with your preceptor. Do not let one person bring you down. Introduce yourself to others on the floor, especially the newer grads. You guys need to support each other. We all felt this way when we are new and your preceptor is only making it worse. She must not remember what it was like when she was new. Best advice I got on this board was to keep showing up. I lasted 6 months before quitting my first dreadful job, my second job is a much better fit. Hang in there and do your best, do not let one person make or break your future. Could you ask for another preceptor? It is normal to be nervous! You are new and not expected to know it all right when you get there. Trust me, your preceptor had to learn it all too.
  23. missladyrn

    HELP, Coworker stays really late and is distracting

    Remember how hard it was to be new? Just talk to her about it nicely. Tell her you would love to help but you are really busy. Be kind. And support her. How long ago did you start at the LTC? How hard were your first few months? I would let her stay to check and recheck, just do not get stuck chatting with her.
  24. missladyrn

    have any nurses graduated from NSCC?

    Which NSCC are you referring to? There is more than one community college with those initials.
  25. missladyrn

    Single use vials - told by admins to use as multi-dose

    I would try to get it in writing too, if this is what they actually want you to do. If they are not willing to put it in writing, you will have your answer. Protect your license, no one else will!