Has anyone taken care of a celeb?

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    Obviously you can't share who it was . . . but I would love to hear how it affected the unit. Did they require security? Did they have more visitors than usual? Was the media involved? Did the other patients on the unit /visitors on the unit realize there was a celeb there? Did the patient get any special VIP treatment (i.e. did the hospital bend over backwards with this patient vs. other patients)?
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    Once had a celebrity (female, who did a popular 30 min sitcom in the 80's-90's, then did commercials) admitted on my unit for chest pain. Yes, she was definitely treated like royalty! So many flowers arrived for her, they were covering her room and lined up down the hall! It was ridiculous. The sad thing is, she treated the staff like we were her servants, and was rude, but that might not have been her normal personality. She was probably under a lot of stress with her business and the chest pain issue.
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    I have had local celebs and family of them. We had the niece of a news reporter. I don't recall special treatment for her. We did have a record producer in our unit and several of her visitors were local celebs as well. A news anchor who used to be a local DJ, and a few local morning show DJ's. They were all very nice and appreciative. Special treatment she received was that she had to have her name scrambled after a employee found out she was there (thanks to her visitors who worked in the local media), and came up to "deliver balloons" to her and she started to belt out a tune and give a demo tape. She was quickly escorted off the unit.
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    I saw Kermit the Frog once, but it turned out he was just visiting someone.

    Oops... wasn't supposed to name names.
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    I worked at Cedars-Sinai in L.A. so yes, and it was so commonplace it really didn't affect much. Other than a lot of eye rolling about the extra security. People in L.A. don't get real excited about celebs and if we do, we don't show it.
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    Yeah, sorta the same ho-hum here. Most excitement we ever got was having a guy who was arrested on our unit after we'd had him for a few weeks. Turned out he and his wife had arranged the murder of one of their first spouses, and they only got a few weeks together because he went from us to jail and never got out.
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    Nope...I work in a hospital that mainly sees the lower class in OB, so I highly doubt any celebrities would seek medical care there(not saying it's a subpar facility b/c it's really not" but it's certainly not the Ritz Carlton of hospitals.
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    We had a the child of a famous person on my unit, and because I'm not a sports fan, I totally did not get it that they were famous until months later when someone mentioned it.
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    Being in NY I have to deal with them all of the time! I recall an obnoxious Bravo star being in the hospital. This particular patient refused to use a call bell, and would hold the tech in the room for hours rearranging linen...this little reality starlet was also a theft, stole my stethoscope, towels, and dishes...

    I've also had to be the nurse to a current pop singer....sweetest thing that has ever come on to my unit!
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    I have treated "notable's" family members; usually politicians, one was a family member of a sports star when I worked in Rehab.

    One local hospital has a pavilion for the notable, whether it be politicians or sport stars and their families if admitted...they do filter in and out of the area; some settle down or visit often, we always treat 'em like the rest of us.
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