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  1. Krzysztof

    Do you pre-inflate the balloon on a foley cath?

    Per manufacturer instruction and our facility policy: No Per personal preference of some RNs: Yes, at times
  2. Krzysztof

    Perfect App for Nursing Students

    We advise our staff and providers (especially the super-excited incoming residents) to even avoid taking photos of one another while in patient areas - due to the opportunity for something as seemingly meaningless as an identifiable foot to end up in the picture. That having been said, the app is awesome. I would browse; never contribute.
  3. Krzysztof


    I'm def an Apple device guy (iPad, iPhone, etc.) but never had a Mac. I always feared compatibility issues, though I know those are pretty much gone now. What model(s) laptop do you have?
  4. Krzysztof


    Any recommendations for great classroom laptops/tablets? I'd love to hear what works (or not) for you. I need some "ME" shopping ideas for the post-holiday sales; just in time for classes to start in Jan. Thanks!
  5. Krzysztof


    We can wear all-white sneakers, which I'd buy in a minute... except that they need to be all-leather (no mesh component). That makes them like boulders to me. I'm used to running sneaks, not cross-trainers. They did specifically mention that no-vent Crocs are OK, which is why I want to give them a try. I'll post a review once Amazon sends them my way.
  6. Krzysztof

    Gossip - interesting factoid

    Kidding about using it inappropriately. Never knew the origin of the term, though. Interesting factoid.
  7. Krzysztof

    Secret Santa

    Meh... I wouldn't risk the horror of pulling the name of one of those NAs you appear to invariably detest. They're surely too busy "walk[ing] around in slow motion with glazed look in their eyes" to meaningfully participate in frivolous and joyful workplace activities anyway. Don't "chance it." Better you stay in bed and await the arrival of three spirits. They'll explain the world to you. Happy Holidays!
  8. Krzysztof

    Atheism in nursing

    I'll admit that I have not read this thread, primarily because I find organized religion to be the most wretched of scourges known to man. HOWEVER, I am not above playing a role that I find beneficial to the health, comfort, and well-being of a patient, family member, or friend. I lie about plenty of stuff every day, so why not this? I'll pray, dance, sing, shake, and shout... if I think it will help to alleviate suffering and/or bring about wellness. That is what humanitarianism means to me.
  9. Krzysztof

    Gossip - interesting factoid

    Hey Cumberbatch - I'm already thinking of highly inappropriate ways to drop this on "gossipy" classmates & colleagues. So thanks in advance.
  10. Krzysztof


    While Joe Pike would never be seen in them, I've taken many a trip to Wal-Mart or the supermarket in sweats and Crocs. Now that I'm starting nursing school, I'm thinking some no-vent "pro" Crocs would be pretty awesome. The only model I can find for my Flintstone feet is the Bistro [link below]. Any experience with these? [Yeah, it's listed under "women," but the sizing is unisex.] Thanks in advance. http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0010T0QOA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Krzysztof

    Pre nursing gpa or overall gpa?

    The programs I applied to were most concerned with grades in A&P, chem, micro, and stats. I took (or re-took) these courses at the college level to ensure the best possible grade; however, I would DEFINITELY recommend that you reach out to your desired programs and inquire as to EXACTLY what they consider - so that you don't waste any time, money, or effort on courses you may not need for purposes of admission. BEST OF LUCK!!
  12. I've been an AllNurses reader for quite some time, and while I know that many perennial topics have been "discussed to death," I also know that new threads often elicit fresh thoughts from particularly nurturing colleagues both seasoned and new. Soooo... what advice do YOU have for a BRAND-NEW, highly motivated, super-excited mid-life career-changing nursing student soon embarking on his/her first clinical assignment/adventure? In an effort to connect you [virtually] with my current range of emotions, please note the following: :) There's no "Gary Busey meets the Amazon Fire Stick" emoticon, so please form your own mental image for purposes of this thread. (smile)
  13. Krzysztof

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    U.S. Originally from Connecticut; now in North Carolina. Starting ADN program in 1 month!
  14. Krzysztof

    Cabarrus College ADN - Spring 2015

    Congrats!! Same here!! I was wearing out the hinges on my mailbox.
  15. Krzysztof

    Dying with Dignity? Can't Everyone Die with Dignity?

    I think when most individuals refer to "dying with dignity," they're really referring to dying on their own terms. I don't think it is an attack on hospice or palliative care, nor do I think it demonstrates a lack of understanding as to their merits. One's personal definition and parameters of dignity in any context are really not negotiable. My biggest fear is that someone else... anyone else... will decide what quality and dignity means for me when the time comes.