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I was discriminated against when I applied for a job. In other words, a job offer at a hospital was rescinded due to their discrimination against me. I sued them and won. Now my name is all over Google if you search it. A few... Read More

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    Thank you for your input Sun0408. I guess it's a matter of how you look at it just like you mentioned. One employer could say it's "undue hardship" to make a particular schedule, but another could say that it's not a problem. I had employers tell me that it was not a problem to make accomodations, but they ended up not offering me a job for one reason or another. Per diem definitely would work... I am actually going into a nurse practitioner program soon and maybe that would change the entire situation. I am not sure....
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    Are you going to sue everyone who cannot offer you a job because you cannot work what are typically the two toughest shifts to staff? PRN would probably be a better fit. Or a M-F clinic setting. But I wouldn't even want to interview you for fear of getting caught in your web.
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    A lot of whether I would hire a nurse who had sued prior facilities would depend on the nurse themselves and what they had to offer, as well as why they had felt the need to bring on litigation.

    While I respect one's desire to practice their religion, unfortunately you have chosen to enter--of your own free will--into a profession that has needs that must be met 24/7/365. Acute care doesn't close down because it's Saturday or Sunday or Ramadan or Easter or whatever day it is. Patients don't pack up and go home because of a religious observance. Someone has to be there to care for them.

    It's similar to what I've said in the past: if you're against abortion, don't go and apply to work at Planned Parenthood. Because you can't expect the hospital to change policy and procedure solely to accommodate your religion, especially if it's a hardship to them and to other employees. And in the 24/7/365 world of acute care, staff not being able to work on weekends may very well may be considered a bona-fide hardship to the employer.

    If you are absolutely adamant about not working on the Sabbath, I can respect that. However, I think you also need to be realistic in where you can successfully work because of that.

    I agree with the others--per-diem or a M-F job may offer you better chances of getting hired. Of course, if and when you enter into your own practice as a NP, you'll have a lot more control in where--and when--you work.
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    Although it sounds like no big deal to have 1 specific 24-hour period off per week, I can see how it would be problematic on units with 12 hour shifts. Sundown times change every single day, and you can't leave in the middle if a shift just because it's sundown time. These periods of time off would probably extend to 48 hours in the summer. I'm wondering if the second NM erroneously thought the accommodation could easily be made, but in practice, it became unworkable.
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    You've been "discriminated" against twice. Far more than the average nurse. Honestly, I'd hesitate to hire you---worried about future claims against the facility or me personally. Sorry.
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    How did religion even come up in the discussions? Seems odd to me....

    Quote from SunshineSmile
    The discrimination was based on religion. The facility blatantly told me that they were taking away the job offer because of my religion. And the manager at the second place where I worked told me that she would not have hired me if she knew of my religion. Not sure if that makes a difference.
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    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    How did religion even come up in the discussions? Seems odd to me....
    elaborated further in following posts. she/he is an observant jew, needed the sabbath off.
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    Even PRN (or any position requiring a Friday) could become a problem - I speak of staff who are mandated to stay over to work during critical stafing periods, esp like during snowstorms or Superstorm Sandys, facility lockdowns, 9/11 conditions, etc. What would OP do??? Walk out???

    Oh yeah - it would happen again.

    OP needs a position that allows her absolute scheduling flexibility.

    Even as I think about it - staff have been 'stuck' on Thursdays, Wednesdays and back longer into the Friday-Saturday weekend depending on emergencies.
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    Unfortunately, anything that lables you a "high maintenance employee" affects you chance of getting hired. Suing a hosptial and needing schedule accomodations are considered high maintenance.
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    It probably will cause you problems unless maybe you can find a manager that is of the same faith and therefore might be more sympathetic and willing to work with your scheduling needs.

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