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  1. coupb8222

    Future of the CNS

    I have recently been accepted into a DNP program and start this fall. I chose the Adult Gerontological CNS track. They made us choose Primary vs Acute and I chose Primary, (Although the consensus model states a CNS should be trained from acute to primary care). However, everything I read on CNS is worrysome. They have the consensus model which includes CNS as advanced practice, but is not even accepted in all states. I feel like if I become a CNS I would be able to validate my role, but it would require me to teach everyone what my scope of practice is. Also I will be limited to moving or working within the country because the CNS role is not advanced practice is as many states as the NP. I am likely going to change my track to NP role, and likely do something that also involves (CNS) type scope such as education, research, mentoring etc. Either way I plan to certify as an Advanced Practice Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse as my specialty, and I could do that as a CNS or an NP. I want to do short term missions and volunteer work, I feel like if I become a CNS I will sell myself short. My employer is in HIGH support of the CNL role and has committed to have one on each unit by 2015! This is blurred with the CNS role. I think because there are more NP's I may just have to join the crowd instead of waving a banner of acceptance for the CNS. I just have to email my advisor to confirm I want to switch to NP track. I still have not fully made up my mind but I am thinking NP will be the way to go, and I can still do all the things that I want to do as a CNS. as an NP if that makes sense.
  2. coupb8222

    wound care certification ?

    I went to the review at the 2011 Conference, the all day review. I thought it was helpful, but if I had to pay for it on my own I would not have completed it. GOOD NEWS!! I found the link for the order form for the book. Contact the number on the order sheet for more info: I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS Book for STUDY!!!! Also buy the practice tests at castle worldwide when you are done studying. The manual is 65 dollars but well worth it!!! http://www.surgery.emory.edu/wocnec/pdfs/order.form.pdf go to the website above to find the pdf order form for the emory manual thanks.,
  3. coupb8222

    wound care certification ?

    Hi Marilyn, I would not take it right after your course, give yourself a few weeks after you get back home to review everything. The best resource was the CWOCN certification review book. I believe I got it from Emory, I printed off a PDF form and mailed it in with the money.- I just tried to find the link online, without result, but since you are going there for your wound program, look into buying their CWOCN Certification Review book while you are there, there is also a practice test in the back of that review book if I do recall. That Was awesome, and whatever stuff I did not know out of that book, I went through the other books to read. There also are test questions in the back of the chapters in the texts required for your wound and ostomy classes. Become a member of the WOCN if you are not, then you have access to the member library which has a catalog of all the old journals, which all usually contain a CE with test type questions for review. - those were really helpful. Castle worldwide sells practice tests for 30 bucks a pop. That was so helpful and well worth the investment to see where you are at. Review all your practice tests for certification, and expand on all the answer, why this one is right, why this one is not the answer. Especially when comparing the different types of abdominal surgeries and diversions. Most of all, just start with the TESTING PLAN that is outlined in the application booklet when you apply for your exam. THAT IS WHAT IS ON THE TEST. Don't read about stuff thats not on the testing plan. I would recommend to go through the testing plan and then utilize all your resources to learn or relearn the info, then at the end of review of the testing plan take the practice tests. Don't start with any practice tests first because you will feel like you have no idea what they are talking about. Best wishes, and congrats, on working toward the GOLD STANDARD for certification!
  4. coupb8222

    Is it fair..

    Fair Observation with evidence listed! No judgement needed; the evidence already sealed the deal. You are only judging that they are seeking drugs; thats fine - clearly it is what they are coming to the doctor for. No one can judge if they are in pain or not. Only they know.
  5. Just because the patient is in the hospital does not mean that because they don't feel like doing something doesn't mean nursing staff should be their slave and do it all for them. It's all about knowing your boundaries. Just because I can do xyz; does not mean I will do xyz for you! I have no problem telling a patient NO I won't be able to do that; who is being rude to me "commanding" me to do things for them; that they can do for themselves. They can get mad at me; I'm not a mean nurse --- I am promoting self care; it's called tough love!; they are manipulative and I won't for the sake of 'compassion' be trampled on and do things just because they don't want to when they are ABLE. I also have no problem doing cares for a patient who is being rude and swearing at me that really is UNable to complete self care. Or a patient who is feeling ill that really can't do something. I gladly do whatever request they may have; or whatever order they bark at me. If you are UNable by all means that's what i'm here for! But i'm not your slave. For example the person who is completely independent at home and goes to the bathroom on their own, brings their own hand to their mouth when eating, can put lotion on their own legs, can wash their own groin...and suddenly believes they are on vacation from performing self care and demand that you complete xyz task when they are only admitted for like a venous stasis ulcer or something. I believe in tough love and stretching people; questioning what is different about the hospital than at home? why do I need to do this for you? We want you to be independent here, and will help facilitate that. Your perceiving that I don't want to help you at all; I want to help you to help yourself! I usually have a rule; I do for others what they CAN NOT do for themselves. I don't contribute to your laziness by doing everything for you - and continuing this co-dependency. I can be the nurse that you don't like or request not to return; but I know what my job is; and it's not being your mother; and your not an infant! (so that is what I think in my head about those patients) No your arms work; you can put the water to your mouth to drink your pills. No you are here for cellulitis of the leg --- how does that translate that I will wash your groin when you are fully continent with no neurological problem preventing you to do so? and when you do it for yourself at home? You hold your urinal and set it there; this is where i will measure it; leave it there and I will flush it down the toilet after I get your output. I refuse to do for others what they can do for themselves. Maybe I am a witch. I won't let those lazy patients turn me into their slave. And I will pull the "it's not in my job description to be your mother card". Patients can be a jerk to me and I will still give them compassionate care and do tasks that are relevant to their hospitalization even if they were cussing me out while I did it. However feel free to cuss and kick me out of your room because I won't wash your genitals when your hands work or refuse to put the water to your mouth when you are fully able. Another analogy is a mother, college student and laundry. 1. College student comes home for break and is at library all day studying focusing on their upcoming finals. Mom does laundry while student is gone; to help college student be more successful for finals. 2. College student comes home for break twiddling their thumbs and watching TV all day bumming around then to top it off gets aggressive towards mom starts ; "I do my laundry all the time at school - I need you to do it for me; and your going to do it!" Mom says excuse me but you are fully able to do your laundry honey - you can wash it during commercials etc. is there enough soap for you? Want me to help sort it for you? Student says to mom; "screw you; you never want to help me do anything; just get out of here i'll wash my own damn laundry then!" 3. College student comes home for break twiddling their thumbs and watching TV all day bumming around then to top it off gets aggressive towards mom starts ; "I do my laundry all the time at school - I need you to do it for me; and your going to do it!" Mom says would you like it ironed too, can i fold it for you too. Oh you need a soda, i'll bring it right to you, oh you want the remote and it's only 1 inch from your hand....here i'll pass it to you. Oh! let me give you a bath tonight; just because your home! 4. College student comes home for break and is at library all day, when he comes home to spend time with family he watches TV and washes his laundry in between commercials. Mom helps student while he is home, cooking meals, allowing him a place to stay, accommodating to the needs of the student. What type of mother are you?? I'm 1. 2. and 4. Who else agrees in tough love?
  6. coupb8222

    drowning in nursing :(

    Liz! Don't worry about feeling like a ditz. It's about patient safety and their care. The best advice I ever heard from a preceptor was. All that matters at the end of the day is that your patient's are happy. If you forgot something, or didn't document something, or looked like a fool for a little bit. All that matters is that the patient was satisfied with your care, and that you did your best. All that matters is the patient at the end of the day, not your ego, or if you feel like a Ditz. It goes away after a while then you 'get it' and are not novice RN anymore. When you feel bad say you yourself "I did my best, and my patients were happy with the care they received, I am not a ditz and I'm always learning, I will improve my practice!"
  7. Using Springhouse Review. And the AMSN practice test to see where i'm at. Any recommendations on this exam? Thank you!!
  8. coupb8222

    Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students

    Friendly recommendation: To keep your stethescope in good condition try not to wear it around your neck. Your skin dries out the tubing. Littman reps recommend using armor all on it once a month (to the tubing) to restore it and keep it supple. Some older nurses you will see their stethescope dry out and "bend" to the shape of their neck - not good. Try to start yourself getting in the habit of storing it in your pocket to maintaining your investment. Also always clean of your diaphragm/bell with alcohol, rubbing briskly for 15 seconds between patients, stethescopes are a great source of spreading bacteria!
  9. coupb8222

    Anyone else prefer custom made scrubs

    Does anyone know of any websites for templates or instructions for sewing your own scrubs? I am going to be purchasing a serger and would be able to make them myself, however i would like to see a pattern or a show me how. I do like cherokee workwear scrubs thats what I wear now. I love the fit.
  10. coupb8222

    CNA shoes - what kind to get?

    As a CNA you want a shoe that is comfortable and does not make your feet hurt, second, you want a shoe that does not have mesh or holes in it. You don't want an athletic shoe with mesh, or crocs with holes because when doing patient care; emptying a foley, showering a patient, holding an emesis basin, or cleaning up stool - you don't want that on your shoe. I recommend a closed leather shoe, if it has laces, I would wash the laces or buy replacement ones as the laces will ultimately get patients "germs" on them. I personally have Danskos which are expensive but have had the same pair for the past 3 years so they pay for themselves. There are cheaper all leather shoes out there. Think of your dirtiest most foul patient, and what comes out of their body, then tell yourself do I want that on the mesh of my shoe, or even on my sock, or on my foot? If you do want that then buy athletic shoes, if not please save yourself and get an all leather shoe or a closed type croc without the holes. Happy shoe hunting!
  11. coupb8222

    Senior RN Student w/ Jealous Husband!!!

    So sorry to hear. Some people like your husband feel better once making you feel worse for acheiving your dreams. I encourage you to talk to him about it, and once you start working how you can help him with his dreams so he dosen't feel like a nobody!
  12. coupb8222

    ADN or BSN? What would you do if you were me?

    The harder path is usually the best. Getting the BSN may take more work now but it will be worth it!
  13. coupb8222

    Flashcard suggestions for A&P class

    Make your own cards! You learn so much. I would buy cardstock 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper so they were firm. I would then copy pictures of bones, tissues, diagrams, definitions and everything! Then I punched a hole in the end and then put them on a binder clip. I then could look back at the flashcards for finals, as our finals were comprehensive. Also this works well with group study...for quizzing.