Different Lingo Depending where you practice nursing

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    Just got off the phone with a friend who is a nurse and she was telling me of her last shift. She was talking about K riders, where I work we call it potassium replacement. I hadn't heard about "endorsing" to the next shift until reading it on this forum. Is that something used in other countries or also in different parts of the US? We just "give report to the oncoming shift" We have "casual nurses" to mean those without benefits, some places have "PRN" or "per diem". Some units still have " head" nurses other have managers and/or charge nurses. Post other differences you have noticed in our field.

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    There are a lot of differences between here in Australia and the nursing lingo I see on here from American nurses! EKG and ECG is one that just popped into my head. I hadn't heard of EKG prior to coming on here!
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    When I worked in NYC I gave K Riders. Here in Va I give Potassium Boluses. That's the main difference in lingo I've come across. I've always had charge nurses and given report.
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    We call K riders here K jumps. I still call it pot just for fun.
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    At my facility the charge nurse is officially called the "nurse on duty". Only place I ever heard that term.
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    FSBS = fingerstick bloood sugar or BGM = blood glucose monitoring

    pOX vs spO2 for oxygen oximetry

    infus-a-port or port-a-cath (both of these remind me of porta potty, johnny on the spot , porta johns

    Just 3 little differences from my earlier and more recent employment. Funny because we're only talking about 50 miles between the 2 regions. My coworkers and I freq have to question each other in conversation just to clarify but no big problem. I use the first ones.
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    Never heard of "Accuchecks" until I moved here, I say "per diem," we don't have a "DON" (although I'm not sure what our equivalent would be- the CNO?), "k-rider" was new to me when I moved here, I say "johnny," "down-sized" rather than "cancelled," ohhh I could go on forever...

    By the way, what is the deal with nurses pronouncing the word "centimeter" as "sahnt-uh-meter"?? That has always driven me crazy, since the first time I heard it in nursing school and we had to ask the professor what it was!
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    I never knew that your belly button area was your um-buh-LIKE-us - I thought it was the umb-ili-cus (3 syllables and not 4)
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    du-o-de-num vs dwad-num (phonetical) Another one.
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    Quote from Twinmom06
    I never knew that your belly button area was your um-buh-LIKE-us - I thought it was the umb-ili-cus (3 syllables and not 4)
    Toh-may-toe, Toh-mah-toe.

    Ad-ver-TIZE-ment, Ad-VER-tizz-ment

    A-seat-toe-bell-um, Ass-it-tab-lum.

    Fem-ur-all, Fem-or-all

    Hay-lux, Hal-lux

    (Please note all above spellings are fo-net-ik in nature._


    It's all about putting emPHASis on the wrong sylLABle.

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