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tcvnurse has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Thoracic Cardiovasc ICU Med-Surg.

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  1. tcvnurse

    Dating a former patient

    For the record, I think that any nurse who married her paraplegic patient is extremely unethical, has no sense of boundaries, and deserves to lose his/her license. OP. There are sever boundary issues here. Your patient for tracking you down. You for agreeing to meet. I don't know what nursing school you all went to but in mine it was made CLEAR. You don't date patients. EVER.
  2. tcvnurse

    Need a BSN for what again?

    I got my ASN from a community college which was affiliated with the City University of NY. It was a good program. I got my RN-BSN from a state university. In this program I took classes such as Health Assessment (which i did not have previously) Health Policy, Community and World health, Epidemiology and pathophysiology. Okay yes and some really boring research and theory classes. BUT. I became a MUCH better clinician for having gone through that program. Just the formal health assessment class alone would have made it work it! Patho really helped me understand the underlying disease process, and I was able to communicate more effectively with physicians because I understood more of what they were talking about! Epigenetics? Yes! Immunology, YES! Incidence and prevalence? YES! I did two research projects during those two years in my professional field and learned SO MUCH MORE than I was expecting! The thing is, sometimes you don't know what you don't know.
  3. tcvnurse

    Type 1 Diabetic (soon to be) Nurse

    I know a number of physicians who are type 1, and it was no big deal when they did their month in my ICU. We have plenty of graham crackers and peanut butter, and he would sometimes order lunch with us. My daughter is starting college with the goal of being a nurse and she has managed her type 1 successfully through sleep away camps, school trips, gym classes and AP exams. My advice is just keep doing what you do, make sure you test frequently, and carry some sort of glucose tabs or instant sugar for when your low. Good luck!!
  4. tcvnurse

    I am ashamed in myself

    Your original post is one of the most frightening things I've read on here, ever. Your lackadaisical attitude toward the most important fundamental classes for nursing is shocking. What exactly did you think was going to be the outcome? Did you think that A&P is a fluffier class? Do you understand the point of learning all that stuff is so you can understand all the disease processes in order to catch patients while they are cycling the drain but BEFORE they die? I mean. You will not survive nursing school. And that is probably a good thing.
  5. tcvnurse

    Might get kicked out of program...

    I am still trying to understand how a patient was both unresponsive and yet refused a medication.
  6. tcvnurse

    Best Way to Move from LTC/Rehab to ICU

    Have you ever worked at an acute care hospital? Thats your first step. These kinds of ICUs tend to hire either new grads or experienced ICU nurses. Sometimes internal transfers. BUT. No one will hire you to an ICU without acute care experience. I would apply at teaching hospitals to an intermediate unit/stepdown area. Get some experience there and see how you like it. The reality of working in cardiac surgery it is very fast paced and high stressed and even a "stable" patient could become unstable and or code at the drop of a hat. These patients are often the sickest ones in the entire hospital. I'm not saying you can't ever make it there, but if you are serious it will take years of building experience and skills so you have a shot at it. SNF work is about the most opposite job of CVICU that I can think of.
  7. tcvnurse

    Advice on Which Unit to Choose as GN to become CVICU RN

    I would go for the CCU. Or, baring that I would try to get on an intermediate or cardiac step down unit. Does the CVICU not hire new grads?
  8. The first six to twelve months as a nurse will most likely be the hardest in your entire career. Expect that you will feel uncomfortable. That is good! That is a sign that you are growing and learning. Every day at the end of the day, try to think about something you knew at the finish that you didn't at the start. I bet you are getting better every day and you just don realize it yet. The day will come when you walk on to your floor confident that you can pretty much handle whatever is tossed your way. There is a book I bought as a new nurse that helped me- it's an old book now, lol. "How to survive your first year as a nurse."
  9. tcvnurse

    What should I do - Abusive Instructor

    When you say 'harass' what do you mean by that? Like, "What does metoprolol do when you give it to a patient?" or, "Why would I want to know the potassium before I give the lasix?" or "Have you washed your hands?" From what I've read you haven't given any specific complains of what makes your CI 'evil'. (Sorry- that is so over the top I can't even.) If you spent more time on doing what your instructor wants you to do, and less on 'woe is me' you'd probably have less of a problem.
  10. tcvnurse


    This is all extremely accurate. Our patients are ALL unstable, even the "stable" ones. We take care of the sickest patients in the hospital,most of whom have just had open heart surgery, up to and including mechanical circulatory support devices. (VADs) When other ICU patients board in our ICU their docs are often blown away by how fast we make stuff happen and that we anticipate their orders and have stuff waiting. Fact: If you want it done FAST, you're in the right place.
  11. tcvnurse

    Running cardizem drip?!

    Oh my god if you are thinking about running cardizem gtt as a secondary then you shouldn't be running it. Doesn't your unit have protocol or say a charge nurse who can help you out with this in the moment?
  12. tcvnurse

    ICU Question about central line infection control

    At my ICU, RNs change the central line dressing weekly or pen if soiled and every patient in our ICU gets a CHG bath QD
  13. You didn't bother to study for a nursing final? And you want to go to grad school? Wow. There is no easy way to do any of that. You have to be prepared to work your butt off, do whatever it takes to succeed. The only thing stopping you is YOU.
  14. tcvnurse

    I don't like nursing anymore. What should I do?

    BY the way-salaries in Florida are generally lower than in other places.
  15. tcvnurse

    getting hired in a hospital with an associates degree?

    University of Virginia is actively hiring ADN nurses currently. We have a RN-BSN program at UVa and a generous tuition reimbursement. Charlottesville is gorgeous also.