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And then the MD said.....

  1. 23 "I've got a second. You take care of that one. I'll grab [CNA] and boost this one."

    The situation: Radiology calling for a pt who needs a new IV for contrast with a transporter at the door, tapping her foot. On the other bed was a sweet 98yo lady asking for help to slide up in bed.

    I told him I'd tell on him. He just grinned.
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    It sure isn't everyday that MD's are willing to help with something so easy. Glad he was there to help you.
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    Once I had a 508-lb fella in the ICU and the pulmonary team came by in the morning and said, "We want him out of bed twice a day." So I said to the attending, a good guy, "OK, you send me a couple of these big strong guys at 10:30 and I'll get a couch from the lounge." And damned if at 10:25 I didn't have two residents and a med student there. We got him up and I said, "Be back at 12:30 to get him back to bed." And they came. I loved that service that year.
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    When I had my first child the pedi was examining him in my hospital room. Found meconium explosion up his back and everywhere. Instead of calling for the nurse he cleaned him up himself and put a clean outfit on him (I wasn't able to help out at that time). Endeared me to this ped for life. It's the little things like this patients and colleagues remember and love.
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    I had a doc help us pick a patient up off the floor who had hit his head and then proceeded to wipe his hair clean while he was examining him. Not just to check him out but actually cleaning him. Love that Doc. He used to be a nurse.....
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    Most of our ED docs, residents and attendings, will help when the help is needed and they are already there and several would respond if solicited.

    Most of the nurses go above and beyond for the docs and they generally reciprocate.
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my &hearts;
    Most of our ED docs, residents and attendings, will help when the help is needed and they are already there and several would respond if solicited.

    Most of the nurses go above and beyond for the docs and they generally reciprocate.
    Same in my ER. We have a couple of docs that will do the discharge including the signature. And we have one that has pushed the wheelchair to the lobby.
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    It's awesome to read these posts stating that docs help out. I don't work in a hospital yet but it's nice to know that they will help you out if you ever need it. That's good team work!!!
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    I had a patient once, a teenager, don't remember how old but not very big (but big enough to take two to move her), admitted my shift. Doc came to put a line in and accidentally got blood on the bed, we also found out that she had had a small BM. It was change of shift and people were already giving report, I hate to leave a patient like that so I started looking for someone to help me change the bed when this doc said "oh I can help you, it's my fault for the blood anyways" and literally scooped her up (intubated and all) so I could quickly change the sheets. He's definitely one of our favorites.
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    I don't have a single story even close to the above. I can't remember a time when an MD assisted anybody for anything.

    We're definitely old, old school. The MDs like it that way.

    The above stories lighten my day. Maybe as the old docs retire, the newer ones will be like those described above.
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    I had to stop one of the docs in the ED from putting an NG in a patient b/c I hadn't done it before and wanted to! They are not all that way, most of ours will help out a little if needed. I've seen a doc put a foley in a patient and also attempt to start an IV on a ped. Odd thing is that our one and only NP is the one that is least likely to help the nurses even though she worked as a nurse for several years.
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    One of the our FP docs at a walk-in clinic stopped the receptionist from sending away a mom and screaming toddler for arriving a couple of minutes after closing for a chief complaint of constipation saying "no, bring him back!" He disimpacted that child himself and refused our assistance. I could've told on him for two "offences" (seeing pt arriving too late and willingly dealing with poop) I never forgot that either.
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    Emergency Department attending:

    Let me start that IV for you. I know you're busy.

    I almost fell down.


    "Sillystudent can you check on room 5? I put her on the bedpan."

    I work with awesome Docs
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